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AIM Penetration And Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant

An Industry Benchmark Of data Vendor Capabilities

We measure the success of service providers in two key areas—Penetration and Maturity. By plotting their relative positions on the PeMa Quadrant, it reveals each company’s unique approach to delivering world-class services.

Seasoned Vendors

With strong technical capabilities and consulting experience, these vendors have made an impact in the market. However, they still must strive to keep pace with our Leaders if they wish to excel even further!


These vendors are highly sought-after on the market, with a long track record of expanding reach and success in multiple sectors worldwide. Their teams boast unparalleled experience and skillset when it comes to providing comprehensive services using cutting edge technology that’s always at the forefront.


At first glance, Challengers may appear to be at a disadvantage when competing with larger analytics providers. However, their smaller size and scope of services equips them with an advantage that rivals can’t compete against – superior training and delivery capabilities!

Growth Vendors

Among the top contenders in their industry, these vendors have seen remarkable revenue expansion. While they still trail behind the market leaders with regards to delivery capabilities maturity, it’s clear that impressive progress has been made.

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Unlock the potential of your business with insights to drive stronger performance. Our data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions and establish measurable goals, allowing you to maximize efficiency and profit.

PeMa Categories

Dive Into the Complexity of Market Technology Providers – Get Ahead on End User Requirements Now and in the Future!

Vendor Briefings

A Vendor Briefing serves as a vital research instrument for industry analysts, presenting AI and data vendors with an opportunity to outline their technological innovations, services, and strategic approaches to specialists in artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Designed as an “on-the-record” session, these briefings are characterized by a one-directional flow of information, where vendors communicate their offerings and visions, while analysts may interject with questions for clarity. This platform is not intended for vendors to directly inform and influence the understanding and perspectives of key industry analysts on their products and market positioning.

PeMa Report Card & Advisory

Data providers who have participated and not participated in the year’s PeMa Quadrant can request for a PeMa Report Card & Advisory session

Get ready for the PeMa report card, which reveals a detailed breakdown of your penetration and maturity scores in comparison to other data science providers.

It’s like having an expert review panel at your fingertips! Additionally, you’ll receive a half-hour session with AIM full of valuable insights that can help boost your Quadrant ranking as well enhancing competitiveness within the industry.

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