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AIM Research Citation Policy: Guidelines for Utilizing and Citing Research Content

The guidelines below apply to AIM Research clients and those with a valid reprint license. If you are not a client or do not hold a license, please consult with for guidance on permissible uses.


  • Submit all materials related to AIM Research, including copies, images, branding, and context to for approval before use.
  • Cite your results or findings from AIM Research reports with statements such as “a leader in,” “achieved the highest score in,” and/or “ranked top in,” where applicable.
  • Include the full report title at least once in your content.
  • Use AIM Research’s logo or an image of the report cover page with the citation, ensuring it is always less prominent than your company’s logo.
  • Link back to the report on AIM Research’s website, especially if reprint rights are not licensed.

Do Not:

  • Assume that approval for one item implies approval for all. Each use case is reviewed individually due to differing contexts and specific policy nuances.
  • Use AIM Research branding in a manner that suggests an award, endorsement, or validation such as “awarded,” “accolades,” or using trophy and ribbon imagery.
  • Make comparative statements against other named vendors or showcase competitor scores.
  • Claim categorical leadership like “a leader in Vision and Strategy” without explicit evidence from the report.

Specific Guidelines Across Various Mediums:

  • Website and Social Media: Only use approved images and citations with proper attribution. For websites, you may display the full, unaltered graphic from the report if you possess reprint rights, linked directly to the report or a landing page.
  • Email and Newsletters: Include citations and use AIM Research’s logo appropriately; avoid using AIM Research’s name in email subject lines or as an endorsement.
  • Press Releases and Public Statements: Clearly cite your findings from AIM Research without implying that AIM Research endorses your product or services.
  • Advertising and Videos: Keep AIM Research’s logo smaller than your own; only include direct citations from the report that reflect findings without alteration.
  • Presentations: Use AIM Research graphics or findings in presentations with the required disclaimer and do not imply endorsement by AIM Research.
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