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Deep Thomas, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Nomura

Engage directly with our extensive network of top Chief Data Officers and Analytics Leaders from leading organizations worldwide.

Established in 2012, AIM has fast emerged as a premier firm specialized in bridging the gap between the complexity of advanced AI technologies and their practical business applications. We are the torchbearers in this ever-evolving industry, committed to fostering the data-driven business revolution and equipping the future workforce with top-tier, competitive skills in the fields of AI and machine learning.

Priya Serai, Chief Information Officer at Zeus Fire & Security

Our Offerings

Our offerings can be into 4 segments – Media, Events, Products, and Services (MEPS). MEPS encapsulates AIM’s multifaceted approach to serve the data science community through rich Media content, tailored Events, innovative Products, and specialized Services.

1. Media:

Branded Content: Tailored content for brands to engage AIM’s audience.
Emailers: Targeted email campaigns to disseminate information or promotions.
Banner Ads: Strategically placed visual ads for promotions and awareness.
Podcasts & Videos: Deep dives, expert talks, and domain-specific discussions in audio-visual format.

2. Events:

Conferences: Prominent gatherings like the Cypher & MachineCon.
Closed Door Events: Like our CDO Vision Series and Leaders roundtables.
: Hands-on sessions for niche topics in data science and ML.
Webinars: Online expert-led sessions on industry trends and insights.
Bespoke Events: Tailored events for specific themes or audiences.

3. Products:

Best Firm Certification: Endorsement for top organizations for data science roles.
Hackathons: Data challenges to showcase and hone skills.
Recruitment: Tools to evaluate potential data science hires.
Continuous Learning Platform (LMS): E-learning platform for data science teams.
Chartered Data Scientists for Organizations: Recognition for organizations with stellar data practices.
Community: Platforms and initiatives to bring together industry professionals.
AIM Leaders Council: An elite group of industry leaders guiding and shaping the domain.

4. Services:

Research: Insightful industry research, analytics, and reports.
Corporate Trainings: Customized training sessions for organizations to upscale their workforce in AI.

Damian Leach, Chief Information Officer at Seaco
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