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Data Leadership Spotlight: A Month of Influential Appointments in Technology and Analytics

Here's a look at the leaders stepping into pivotal roles this month, ready to drive their organizations to new heights of success with the power of data and analytics.

This month marks a significant series of leadership transitions that underscore the growing importance of data and artificial intelligence in shaping the future of business across various sectors. From Verisk to Boeing, companies are placing seasoned experts at the helm of their data and AI initiatives, signaling a strategic shift towards innovation and enhanced decision-making capabilities. These appointments not only highlight the individual merits and extensive experience of the newly appointed leaders but also reflect the broader industry trend of leveraging data for competitive advantage. Here’s a look at the leaders stepping into pivotal roles this month, ready to drive their organizations to new heights of success with the power of data and analytics.

Louis DiModugno Assumes Role of Global Chief Data Officer at Verisk

Louis DiModugno’s appointment serves to confirm the firm’s commitment to winning strategic advantage from using information in new ways. Given his proven leadership skills, vast experience and enthusiasm for innovation, DiModugno looks set to steer Verisk’s data and technology platform on course for a whole new scale of success.

Micah Schaafsma Appointed Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank

Micah Schaafsma, an experienced professional in IT and strategic planning, is now the Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank. His track record of operational efficiency and tech-driven growth makes him a valuable addition. Schaafsma’s appointment reflects his leadership skills and success in IT. With his expertise, he’s set to drive WaFd Bank’s data initiatives and strategic goals.

Clayton Chandler Assumes Role of Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Osaic

Osaic, a top cybersecurity company, names Clayton Chandler as Chief Data and Analytics Officer. Chandler’s extensive background in cybersecurity and leadership bolsters Osaic’s dedication to enhancing its data and AI capabilities. He envisions a promising future for Osaic’s consultants and customers with the revolutionary power of data and AI.

Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker Assumes Role as Chief AI Officer at Boeing

Boeing appoints Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker as Chief AI Officer, leveraging his 20+ years in IT leadership and aerospace analytics. He’ll drive Boeing’s AI initiatives, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and industry leadership.

Saba Dossani Assumes Role as Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank appoints Saba Dossani as Chief Data & Analytics Officer to enhance its data-driven decision-making. With over two decades in analytics and business intelligence, Dossani brings invaluable experience to her new role. Her appointment emphasizes the bank’s dedication to leveraging data for customer and stakeholder value, solidifying its industry leadership.

Mariano Russo Named Chief Data Officer at VML: A Strategic Move for Enhanced Data Strategies

In a pivotal move, Mariano Russo becomes VML’s Chief Data Officer, showcasing the agency’s dedication to data-driven strategies for business growth and enhanced customer experiences. His appointment emphasizes VML’s commitment to collaborative success, leveraging Russo’s expertise in data analytics to empower clients with cutting-edge strategies for measurable outcomes and long-term expansion.

Aaron Belovsky Appointed as Chief Data Officer at Dovenmuehle

Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc., a leading U.S. mortgage subservicing company, has named Aaron Belovsky as its Chief Data Officer (CDO). Dovenmuehle, founded in 1844 and recognized as the Midwest’s oldest mortgage banking company, offers loan servicing solutions across the nation. With a rich history and operations extending to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories, Dovenmuehle covers residential, commercial, and multifamily mortgage loans.

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