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Clayton Chandler Assumes Role of Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Osaic

Osaic, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has appointed Clayton Chandler as its Chief Data and Analytics Officer.

Osaic, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has appointed Clayton Chandler as its Chief Data and Analytics Officer. Chandler brings a wealth of experience in cyber security, data analytics, and leadership within the financial services and national security sectors. His appointment underscores Osaic’s commitment to advancing its capabilities in data, AI, and intelligence to better serve its clients.

Passionate Vision for Data and AI

Chandler expressed his excitement about his new role, stating, “I’m honored to announce that Osaic has asked me to step exclusively into the role of Chief Data and Analytics Officer. After more than a decade of supporting the security and privacy missions, I am so incredibly excited to take the reins and help drive our firm forward in data, AI, and intelligence.”

Professional Journey

Chandler’s career spans various leadership roles in prominent organizations, including Credit Suisse, where he served as the Chief Information Security Officer for the investment bank, risk and compliance, and Americas operations. His responsibilities included securing the information of one of the world’s most systemically important investment firms.

Before joining Credit Suisse, Chandler held roles at the United States Department of Defense, where he served as Technical Director, focusing on data analytics and high-performance computing (HPC). He played a crucial role in establishing use cases, developing technical strategies, and delivering technology to support the mission.

Leadership at Osaic

In his previous role at Osaic as Chief Security, Privacy, and Data Officer, Chandler demonstrated his expertise in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity and data management. Now, as Chief Data and Analytics Officer, he will lead Osaic’s efforts in leveraging data and AI to enhance its cybersecurity solutions further.

Education and Expertise

Chandler holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computational Analysis and Modeling from Louisiana Tech University. His expertise includes HPC architectures, parallel programming, statistical modeling, and computational analysis.

Future Endeavors

Chandler expressed his belief in the profound impact of data and AI on Osaic’s advisors and clients, emphasizing a bright future ahead. He concluded, “Let’s get to work!” With his leadership, Osaic aims to strengthen its position as a leader in cybersecurity and data intelligence.

About Osaic

Osaic is a New York-based cybersecurity firm specializing in providing innovative solutions to protect organizations against cyber threats. With a focus on data and AI-driven intelligence, Osaic is committed to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to its clients worldwide.

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