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Micah Schaafsma Appointed Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank

Micah Schaafsma, an accomplished professional with extensive experience in information technology and strategic planning, has been appointed as the Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank.

Micah Schaafsma, an accomplished professional with extensive experience in information technology and strategic planning, has been appointed as the Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank. With a proven track record of driving operational efficiency and leveraging technology for business growth, Schaafsma brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role.

A Distinguished Career:

Schaafsma’s career spans over two decades, with notable achievements in various leadership positions. Prior to joining WaFd Bank, he served as the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) in Seattle, WA. During his tenure at SPU, Schaafsma played a pivotal role in modernizing the institution’s IT infrastructure and aligning technology initiatives with organizational goals.

Visionary Leadership at SPU:

At SPU, Schaafsma served as the liaison between central IT and executive leadership, providing vision, direction, and strategy for integrating technology and business intelligence into all areas of campus operations. He focused on improving operational efficiency, organizational transparency, and transforming IT into a strategic business partner.

Achievements and Contributions:

Schaafsma’s accomplishments at SPU include:

Enhancing IT department agility, quality of service, and accountability through a culture of transparency.

Implementing DevOps/agile methodologies to improve efficiency and project success rates.

Championing business intelligence initiatives and implementing Tableau for data-driven decision-making.

Ensuring the availability of critical business systems through disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Optimizing IT budget by focusing on scalable and sustainable solutions with high long-term ROI.

Developing data as a strategic asset and addressing data integrity challenges through enterprise data management strategies.

Experience and Expertise:

With over 19 years of experience at SPU, Schaafsma held various roles, including Director of Software Systems and Deputy CIO, before serving as the Chief Information Officer. His diverse background in software development, enterprise systems, and IT leadership positions him as a valuable asset to WaFd Bank.

Future Endeavors:

In his new role as Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank, Schaafsma will continue to drive innovation and excellence in data management and analytics. His appointment underscores WaFd Bank’s commitment to leveraging data as a strategic asset and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Micah Schaafsma’s appointment as Chief Data Officer at WaFd Bank reflects his exceptional leadership skills and track record of success in information technology. With his extensive experience and visionary approach, Schaafsma is poised to make significant contributions to WaFd Bank’s data-driven initiatives and strategic objectives.

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