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The 10 Most Influential Data & Analytics Leaders in USA’s Retail Sector, 2024

Meet the visionaries transforming the U.S. retail landscape through data and analytics in 2024, driving innovation and customer engagement.

This list highlights the top minds in the retail world who have used data and analytics to change the game. These leaders have faced big challenges like keeping up with fast changes, understanding what customers want, and making sure their businesses can quickly adjust to new trends. They’ve managed to turn these challenges into chances to grow, using data to make smart decisions that lead to better shopping experiences and more efficient stores. This list celebrates their hard work and the smart moves they’ve made to lead their companies to success.

One exciting area where these leaders are making waves is with generative AI. This technology is opening new doors in the retail sector, from creating personalized shopping experiences to improving product design and even managing inventory in smarter ways. The leaders on this list have been quick to explore these new opportunities, showing how data and tech can not only solve current problems but also unlock new possibilities for the future. Their stories are about more than just overcoming obstacles; they’re about paving the way forward for the retail industry, showing us all what’s possible when data meets determination.

(In alphabetic Order)

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Bhagyesh Phanse

At Starbucks, Vice President Bhagyesh Phanse is revolutionizing how the coffee giant understands its customers and markets. With a knack for blending analytics with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, Bhagyesh’s team leverages AI and machine learning to enhance Starbucks’ global marketing strategies, operational efficiency, and customer engagement.

Bk Vasan

American Eagle Outfitters benefits from the visionary leadership of VP Bk Vasan, who masterfully integrates big data, AI, and analytics to redefine retail experiences. His strategic foresight has been instrumental in propelling AEO into the future, drawing on experiences from T-Mobile and Walmart to enhance data-driven decisions.

Chandhu Nair

Leading Lowe’s Innovation Labs & Marketing Technology, SVP Chandhu Nair is at the forefront of employing AI for groundbreaking data products and marketing strategies. His work ensures Lowe’s remains a leader in home improvement by delivering personalized customer experiences and innovative solutions.

Craig Brabec

As Best Buy’s data wizard, Craig Brabec, Chief Data Analytics Officer, is making waves by fast-tracking AI adoption for transformative impacts. With a rich background from McDonald’s to Ford, Craig’s influence extends beyond Best Buy, shaping the future of retail with data and analytics.

Deval Motka

Steering Genesco’s data strategy, VP and Chief Data Officer Deval Motka is transforming the retail landscape. Her approach to leveraging data for competitive advantage has markedly improved marketing strategies and product offerings, earning her a reputation for innovative leadership in retail.

Kunal Das

At Advance Auto Parts, Kunal Das is redefining auto retail with his expertise in data, analytics, and AI. As SVP and Chief Data Officer, his visionary approach to technology and business strategy is enhancing customer experiences and setting new industry standards.

Krish Das

Ulta Beauty’s data transformation is helmed by VP Krish Das, whose leadership in Data & AI is driving the beauty retailer’s growth and efficiency. Krish’s strategy focuses on leveraging AI/ML, data engineering, and governance to position Ulta at the cutting edge of retail innovation.

Prakhar Mehrotra

Leading Walmart’s Applied AI initiatives, VP Prakhar Mehrotra is pioneering AI applications across the retail giant’s vast network. His work enhances customer and associate experiences, showcasing the transformative power of AI in retail on a grand scale.

Sharmeelee Bala

JCPenney’s tech strategies get their direction from CIO Sharmeelee Bala, whose passion for data and analytics drives innovation across the organization. Her expertise in AI and machine learning is setting new benchmarks for retail technology and customer engagement.

Vipin Gopal

Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Vipin Gopal, is charting a new course with AI and data analytics in healthcare and retail sectors. His transformative strategies are not only enhancing customer experiences but also shaping the future of pharmacy retail with innovative solutions.

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