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The 10 Most Influential Data & Analytics Leaders in USA’s Healthcare Sector, 2024

Discover the Top 10 Most Influential Data & Analytics Leaders in the USA's Healthcare Sector for 2024 – Pioneers Transforming Healthcare with AI and Data-Driven Strategies.

The role of data and analytics leaders has become increasingly pivotal in healthcare sector. As we step into 2024, these leaders are not just at the forefront of technological advancements but are also the architects of a healthcare revolution that hinges on data-driven decisions. In an era where personalized medicine, predictive analytics, and AI-driven diagnostics are transitioning from innovative ideas to everyday realities, the influence of these individuals cannot be overstated. Their expertise and vision are shaping the way healthcare providers approach patient care, research, and overall health system management. The significance of their role has been further magnified by the ongoing challenges posed by an aging population, the rise of chronic diseases, and the ever-present need to balance cost-efficiency with high-quality patient care.

However, the journey is fraught with challenges. The landscape these leaders navigate is complex, encompassing not only technological hurdles but also ethical, regulatory, and privacy concerns. They must orchestrate the integration of massive and diverse data sets while ensuring compliance with stringent data protection laws. Balancing innovation with ethical considerations, particularly in areas like genomics and personalized medicine, adds another layer of complexity. As they strive to leverage data to improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare operations, they must also contend with skepticism from both the public and within the healthcare community itself, often having to prove the value and security of data-driven approaches. This list aims to spotlight those who have not only risen to these challenges but have also set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation, thus paving the way for a more efficient, effective, and equitable healthcare system.

(In Alphabetic Order)

Ajai Sehgal

Ajai Sehgal, Mayo Clinic’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer since December 2020, brings a wealth of experience in data, analytics, and AI, including Generative AI technologies. His expertise has been honed through significant roles at global corporations. Ajai’s tenure as CTO/CIO at Eagleview (December 2017 – September 2020) and the Chemistry Group (January – December 2017), as well as his time as CTO/CIO at Hootsuite from 2014 to 2017, were marked by his leadership in Data & Analytics, Software Engineering, IT, Security, and Operations. Before joining the corporate world, he spent 16 years with the Royal Canadian Airforce, followed by a pivotal role at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. At Microsoft, he played a key role in transforming Expedia from a small internal group into a standalone public company, eventually leading it to become the world’s largest travel agency. Ajai’s diverse experience across different industries and his strategic approach to leveraging data and technology make him a prominent figure in the field of data and analytics in the healthcare sector.

Apparsamy Balaji

Balaji stands out as a distinguished Analytics and Technology Executive, renowned for his strategic leadership in transforming businesses through data-driven decision-making. His remarkable journey includes receiving the prestigious Gartner Data & Analytics Excellence 2016 award at BayCare, a testament to his expertise in developing effective data strategies and achieving operational savings through innovative cloud migration. His role extends beyond analytics; at BayCare and Unum, he successfully implemented robust data governance frameworks, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Currently, as the Chief Analytics Officer at Nemours, Balaji spearheads initiatives to harness data assets for organizational growth, operational efficiency, and enhanced patient care. His leadership reflects a deep commitment to aligning data policy with legal and ethical mandates. His career exemplifies a fusion of innovation, strategic foresight, and adherence to compliance, making him a pivotal figure in advancing the healthcare analytics field. Balaji’s contributions underscore the transformative impact of strategic data governance in the healthcare sector.

Avijit Chatterjee

Dr. Avijit Chatterjee’s distinguished career in the field of AI and machine learning spans over 30 years, culminating in his current role as the Head of AI/ML at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center since 2020. In this position, he is pivotal in supporting multi-modal studies for clinical research, focusing on the operationalization of models and platform enablement. His journey to this esteemed role included a significant tenure at IBM, where he excelled in various technical leadership roles. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer, he provided invaluable support to a large Financial Services Account, and earlier, he made his mark as the Chief Data Scientist of IBM’s Data Scientist Elite Team.

Dr. Chatterjee’s academic background is equally impressive, holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. His expertise in AI and machine learning has been a driving force in the advancement of cancer treatment and research. At Memorial Sloan Kettering, he applies his extensive knowledge to bridge the gap between advanced data science and meaningful clinical outcomes, making a substantial impact in the healthcare sector. His work exemplifies the transformative power of technology in medicine, especially in the challenging field of oncology.

Divya Pathak

Divya Pathak, as Chief Data Officer for NYC Health + Hospitals, the United States’ largest public healthcare system, spearheads their Data & Analytics organization. Her role involves strategically directing data and digital tools, enhancing AI capabilities, and generating insights to improve healthcare quality, operational support, and patient outcomes. A recognized thought leader in AI and analytics, Pathak collaborates with industry and academia to drive AI transformation in healthcare. With 18 years of experience in AI and software engineering, she previously led AI and Analytics at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health and held key positions at IBM Research, delivering innovative AI solutions in healthcare. Her expertise extends to public speaking at industry and academic forums on AI in healthcare.

Kapila Monga

Kapila is a seasoned leader in AI and Machine Learning, with over 16 years of experience in crafting and implementing comprehensive data science solutions. As the head of data science and automation at Bon Secours Mercy Health, a 48-hospital chain health system, she is pivotal in driving the implementation and value realization of machine learning and automation throughout the organization. Kapila’s expertise is a blend of industry and consulting experiences. Before her current role, she led Data Science and Machine Learning for Healthcare in North America at Cognizant Technology Solutions, collaborating with health insurance and provider systems across the US to enhance their AI and data science capabilities. Known for leading teams to develop AI, ML, and advanced data science solutions with positive ROI, Kapila is also a contributor to the Journal of AHIMA on Healthcare AI/ML topics. She is dedicated to integrating industry, technology, and academia to expedite AI/ML adoption and ROI realization in healthcare.

Kiran Mysore

Kiran Mysore, as the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Sutter Health, a leading innovative not-for-profit healthcare network in America, brings over 25 years of experience in driving digital transformation and leveraging data and AI for business value. His diverse background spans consulting and various industries, where he has applied his expertise to a range of projects. Kiran has driven commercial insights at St. Jude Medical, optimized fleet operations at GE, developed real-time insights for Apple’s supply chain, and enhanced operational excellence at Medtronic. Known for modernizing technology infrastructures and fostering data-driven cultures, Kiran also champions diversity and ethical practices in data and AI. His overarching goal is to make data and insights accessible and impactful across all organizational levels, ensuring that they contribute meaningfully to business and healthcare outcomes.

Marsha Meytlis

Marsha Meytlis is a skilled team leader with extensive experience in advancing data ecosystems, initiating data science projects, and seamlessly integrating technology with business strategy. Her expertise lies in enabling high-performance teams and guiding data science products from conceptualization to implementation. Marsha has a strong focus on deploying AI models into production while also assessing their tangible value.

Holding a BA in Biology from Columbia and a Ph.D. in computer face image recognition, Marsha began her career in computational neuroscience, developing machine learning models as a Post-Doctorate associate. Transitioning from academia to industry, she has held significant roles in data science across various sectors. Her journey includes positions at Yahoo in online advertising, as the Director of Data Science at the Weather Channel, leading data science in cybersecurity at JPMorgan, and heading data science and engineering at Northwell Health. Her diverse background highlights her ability to adapt and innovate in different settings, always with a focus on the strategic impact of data science.

Mitch Kwiatkowski

Mitch, with over 20 years in healthcare technology, has significantly influenced the digital transformation of over 100 hospitals and health plans. As the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Marshfield Clinic Health System, he spearheads the data and AI strategy for their health system and health plan. His expertise encompasses modernizing data management, implementing governance programs, and creating AI products for healthcare. Mitch is a renowned advocate for data privacy and ethical AI use in healthcare.

Prashanth Sarpamale

Prashanth Sarpamale, CEO of, leads a prominent healthcare analytics company specializing in Health Equity Solutions. He previously served as Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Oak Street Health, where his data-driven strategies significantly enhanced patient care. At United Health Care, as Senior Vice President for Operations Analytics, Prashanth led extensive data, insights, and research projects across various business lines. His earlier roles included establishing and leading Global Analytic practices at UnitedHealth and Hewlett Packard.

Rachini Moosavi

Rachini Moosavi, as Chief Analytics Officer, leads the adoption of data and analytics at UNC Healthcare. Her emphasis on modern analytics architecture and strategic alignment has positioned UNC Health at the forefront of AI innovation. A respected speaker, she advocates for analytics culture, data quality, and augmented intelligence in transforming healthcare, exemplifying leadership, communication, and empowerment in her role.

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