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NetApp Turbocharges AI Innovation with Intelligent Data Infrastructure for Gen AI

NetApp® unveils new capabilities aimed at maximizing the potential of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) projects, offering users a competitive edge.

NetApp® unveils new capabilities aimed at maximizing the potential of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) projects, offering users a competitive edge. By combining NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure with NVIDIA’s high-performance compute, networking, and software, customers can elevate their AI initiatives to new heights, unlocking unprecedented insights and driving innovation.

Meeting Data Challenges:

With nearly three-quarters of companies already leveraging Gen AI, as per the NetApp 2023 Data Complexity report, there’s a growing need for secure, high-performance access to data across complex hybrid and multicloud environments. NetApp’s expertise lies in delivering solutions that simplify data management, provide high performance without infrastructure silos, and ensure trusted, secure data to drive responsible AI.

Intelligent Data Infrastructure Updates:

NetApp introduces updates to its intelligent data infrastructure capabilities, including NetApp AIPod™, a converged infrastructure optimized for AI projects. AIPod, powered by NVIDIA DGX, now supports NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, providing a new level of cost/performance and sustainability. Additionally, FlexPod for AI reference architectures have been expanded to support the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

“NetApp is the intelligent data infrastructure company, with solutions optimized to unleash the full potential of our customers’ investments in AI.” – Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director at NetApp India

Enhancing Cyber-Resilience:

NetApp also announces revolutionary new cyber-resilience capabilities, including Autonomous Ransomware Protection with AI (ARP/AI), leveraging machine learning embedded in ONTAP to detect and mitigate sophisticated cyber threats.

Partnership and Validation:

NetApp’s collaboration with NVIDIA extends to validation for NVIDIA OVX systems, streamlining enterprise AI deployments. NetApp is among the first partners to complete this storage validation, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

“AI powers mission-critical use cases in every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing to financial services.” – Tony Paikeday, Senior Director of AI Systems at NVIDIA

Industry Recognition:

Industry experts recognize NetApp’s commitment to innovation, with IDC acknowledging the company’s ability to deliver services and solutions that effectively manage data pipelines, unlocking the full potential of AI.

Unified Approach:

NetApp offers a unified approach to infrastructure and data management, eliminating silos, enhancing performance, and providing trusted data protection to accelerate AI projects’ time to results.

About NetApp:

NetApp is the intelligent data infrastructure company, combining unified data storage, integrated data services, and CloudOps solutions to turn a world of disruption into opportunity for every customer. NetApp creates silo-free infrastructure, harnessing observability and AI to enable the industry’s best data management. As the only enterprise-grade storage service natively embedded in the world’s biggest clouds, data storage delivers seamless flexibility. In addition, their data services create a data advantage through superior cyber resilience, governance, and application agility. Their CloudOps solutions provide continuous optimization of performance and efficiency through observability and AI. No matter the data type, workload, or environment, with NetApp you can transform your data infrastructure to realize your business possibilities.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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