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Enverus Introduces Instant Analyst™ to Enhance Energy Industry Insights

Enverus continues to lead the way in AI-powered solutions for the energy industry, with the introduction of Instant Analyst™ marking a significant advancement in delivering actionable insights and operational efficiencies to its customers.

Enverus, a leading energy-dedicated SaaS company, has announced the addition of Instant Analyst™ technology to its extensive product lineup. Leveraging decades of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) implementation, Enverus continues to innovate with generative AI technology, aiming to deliver increased value to its customers.

Jeff Hughes, CEO of Enverus, on AI Evolution

“Enverus began the use of artificial intelligence technology in the 1990s… In recent years we have built dozens more AI-powered products to become the clear market leader we are today. Our introduction of the Instant Analyst™ takes us to new heights of leveraging AI to help our customers in all parts of the global energy mix.”

Instant Analyst™ Functionality

With Enverus Instant Analyst™ technology, users can now pose complex questions in natural language and receive concise, well-supported answers in real-time. By summarizing decades of proprietary research contained within the Enverus Intelligence Vault™, Instant Analyst™ dramatically reduces the time required to obtain high-quality insights. Moreover, the inclusion of specific document citations ensures the reliability of information, mitigating the risk of misinformation commonly observed in other generative AI tools.

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AWS Collaboration and Deployment

Enverus has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy Instant Analyst™ across its SaaS products, including Enverus PRISM®. Leveraging AWS’s advanced technologies such as Amazon Bedrock, Enverus aims to deliver real-time decision-making capabilities to its vast user base in the energy industry.

Howard Gefen, General Manager of Energy & Utilities at AWS, on Collaboration

“We are excited to work with Enverus to put advanced technologies like Amazon Bedrock at the center of their operations and fuel new capabilities that will help deliver more efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy.”

Future Enhancements and Automation

Enverus plans to expand Instant Analyst™ functionality beyond the Intelligence Vault, integrating automation features into applications like PRISM. This advancement, combined with Enverus Fusion® technology, will empower customers to derive insights from their own data at unprecedented speeds.

Mark Szygenda, Chief Technology Officer for Enverus, on Security and Empowerment

“It’s very important that we not only continue to empower our customers but that we remain vigilant in our efforts to protect them as well… We believe we’ve built the technology that empowers them without adding new risks to their business.”

Manuj Nikhanj, President of Enverus, on Expertise and Value Delivery

“In addition to being powerful and secure, this product demonstrates how the long accumulation of human expertise and experience is crucial to value delivery… Our unique combination of capabilities made our Instant Analyst™ technology possible.”

Availability and Future Expansion

Enverus Instant Analyst™ is currently available in the Enverus Intelligence Vault™ on a trial basis for select customers with access to Enverus Intelligence®. Access will expand rapidly in the coming weeks and months.


Enverus continues to lead the way in AI-powered solutions for the energy industry, with the introduction of Instant Analyst™ marking a significant advancement in delivering actionable insights and operational efficiencies to its customers.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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