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Aegon Life: The Gold Standard for Analytics Professionals

Aegon Life, as a trailblazing and forward-thinking entity, has consistently reshaped the life insurance industry.

The world is rapidly evolving into a realm where every individual and interaction leaves a digital trace. In this era, mere access to data no longer sets organizations apart. The true competitive edge lies in the adept utilization of data for innovative solutions. Aegon Life, as a trailblazing and forward-thinking entity, has consistently reshaped the life insurance industry. From pioneering online term plans in India to becoming the nation’s first digital-only life insurance company, it has spearheaded the transformation into a ‘digitally enabled organization’. Its integrated approach prioritizes both people’s well-being and organizational objectives. Aegon Life’s culture of Working from Anywhere (WFA) is unique as it embraces flexibility while keeping the focus on outcomes. As an organization committed to growth, it has a well-defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which enables the employees to “win from anywhere” and provides them with a stage to shine.

Because next-gen insurance needs next-gen leaders, the company actively attracts top talent in data science and engineering, fostering an intellectually stimulating and supportive work environment. Aegon Life recognizes the exceptional contributions and specialized skills of high-performing individuals by considering factors such as performance, market positioning, benchmarking, and the employee’s future potential.

Flexi-Benefits: A Comprehensive Package

With progressive policies and better benefits, employees are always at their best and are enabled to have a healthy work-life balance, particularly in the context of working remotely. Aegon Life has a diverse range of flexible benefits geared towards promoting employee health and well-being. Noteworthy offerings include health insurance coverage, encompassing the employee and up to five dependents right from day one. These benefits extend to personal accident coverage, teleconsultations with general physicians and psychologists, and reimbursements for work-from-anywhere setups, mobile, and broadband expenses. The company also provides flexible, tax-friendly components, such as meal vouchers and car maintenance reimbursements.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure and Strategic Partnerships

Aegon Life provides its analytics professionals with a robust technological infrastructure that includes multi-cloud computing platforms through AWS EC2 machines, GPUs, and DGX machines. The company also offers a range of tools and platforms like Python, R, AWS Sagemaker, and Google BigQuery, among others. AWS serves as the main strategic partner, providing the infrastructure for large-scale Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI projects.

Learning and Growth: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Learning at Aegon Life is designed around the 70/20/10 principle of learning, which signifies that 70% of knowledge comes from job-related experiences, 20% through interaction with others, and 10% through formal training. It has a 5-stage learning framework that encourages employees at every stage to learn and grow through different interventions. To support employee learning and development, the company offers role-specific trainings, which are provided by using interactive training courses that are user-friendly and include videos and quizzes to boost engagement and learning. This is further enabled by a Learning Assistance Programme, which provides monetary assistance to employees to pursue any external programmes to upskill themselves.

A culture of openness is at the core of Aegon Life’s values. The company actively promotes two-way communication between employees and leadership through structured platforms, encouraging both formal and informal interactions among team members and leaders.

In addition to these learning opportunities, Aegon Life conducts a monthly knowledge series, providing insights into a wide range of topics beyond functional learning and helping employees grow and evolve.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Commitment to Equality

Aegon Life places a strong emphasis on fostering open communication, enabling all employees to have a voice. The company values diversity within its talent pool, with half of its workforce based in cities outside of Mumbai. Communication, engagement, and culture building are driven in a unique manner, where we have various interaction platforms to enable employees to speak freely and hear the leadership team, recognition is done digitally, engagement is done through innovative virtual activities, and culture conversations are done to encourage understanding of culture pillars and best life purpose and behaviors.

It has diversity in talent in terms of location and industry. Aegon Life’s Work from Anywhere (WFA) policy grants employees the flexibility to work from their homes or any location within India, regardless of their designated work location in their employment terms. This has also enabled the company to hire talent from pan-India locations, with close to 50% of the employees working from cities outside of Mumbai and 75% hiring from non-insurance backgrounds this year. Such flexibility is increasingly becoming a vital differentiator that top-tier talent seeks from their prospective employers.

Fostering Integration in a Remote Work Landscape: Smooth onboarding

Flexibility of WFA allows Aegon Life to hire and attract talent from anywhere across the country, providing flexibility and an opportunity for everyone to balance their professional and personal lives, leading to a highly engaged and motivated workforce.

It is important for new joiners to feel like they are contributing meaningfully to business outcomes. The company has a structured process for new joiners in their first hundred that ensures smooth onboarding and regular check-ins to ensure they are geared for success.

Why Aegon Life Stands Out as an Analytics Employer

Aegon Life’s integrated approach to employee well-being, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and continuous learning opportunities make it an ideal workplace for analytics professionals. These attributes have not only made Aegon Life a leader in the analytics field but also contributed to its strong employee value proposition, which includes the opportunity to work on disruptive technologies in a flexible and agile environment.


Aegon Life sets a high standard for what an employee-centric, growth-oriented, and inclusive work environment should be, because at Aegon Life, work is not just a job; it is a feeling of pride. If you are in the analytics field and are looking for a dynamic, supportive, and innovative work setting, Aegon Life is your launchpad. Ensuring that you never stop growing, challenge yourself, and transform your everyday life.

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