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Exploring the Top Analytics and CDO Podcasts of 2023

Explore the dynamic world of data analytics and Chief Data Officers with these top podcasts of 2023, featuring insightful discussions, industry trends, and data-driven insights.

Podcasts have become a valuable source of insights, trends, and expert discussions. In 2023, several podcasts have emerged as must-listen resources for professionals in the analytics and CDO space. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top podcasts that have been making waves this year.

1. Uday Hegde’s Journey with USEReady: From Inception to AI-Powered Future

  • In this episode of the “Simulated Reality” podcast by AIM Research, Uday Hegde, the visionary behind USEReady, takes us on a journey through the company’s evolution. From its inception to its AI-powered future, Uday shares insights into USEReady’s growth and its impact on the data and analytics landscape.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

2. Amaresh Tripathy: Decoding AI Copilots

  • Join the conversation with Amaresh Tripathy, Managing Partner at Auxo AI, as he discusses real-world applications of AI copilots and their role in boosting operational efficiency across industries. Explore the technology behind AI copilots and their impact on job stability.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

3. Shashank Garg: Data and Analytics 2.0

  • In this illuminating conversation, Shashank Garg, Founder & CEO at Infocepts, discusses Data and Analytics 2.0. Explore how organizations are harnessing the power of data to gain deeper insights and unlock new possibilities in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

4. Ashwin Mittal: Building and Scaling an Analytics Business – Insights, Strategies & Lessons Learned

  • Ashwin Mittal shares insights on building and scaling an analytics business. Discover how he set his company apart, tackled challenges, and navigated the evolving landscape of data science and Gen AI solutions for clients, emphasizing real business value and scalability.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

5. Damian Hasse: Security in the era of LLMs

  • Join Damian Hasse, Chief Information Security Officer at Moveworks, as he discusses the transformative shifts in the digital threat landscape in the era of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Explore the concept of ‘prompt injection’ and its impact on AI systems.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

6. Enabling Business Evolution with Generative AI: Insights from Cory Janssen

  • Cory Janssen, Co-Founder and CEO of AltaML, shares insights into the impact of Generative AI on business evolution. Dive into how Gen AI is transforming businesses, its integration into operations, and its potential impact on various sectors.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

7. AI’s Impact On Technology Teams with Jason Cooper

  • Jason Cooper, Chief Technology Officer at Paradigm, unravels the profound impact of AI on Technology Teams. Gain insights into how AI revolutionizes team dynamics, both enhancing efficiency and posing challenges.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

8. Unraveling Gen AI: Ethical Dilemmas in the Evolving Enterprise Landscape with Sid Banerjee

  • Discover insights into Gen AI with Sid Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer at SG Analytics. Explore critical ethical concerns in AI implementation, transparency, accountability, and data protection measures.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

9. Rajan Sethuraman: Balancing Innovation & Client Needs

  • Join Rajan Sethuraman, Chief Executive Officer at LatentView Analytics, as he explores the world of analytics. Gain insights into the balancing act between innovation and meeting client needs in the analytics industry.
  • YouTube URL: Watch here

10. Importance of AI Governance in healthcare with Mitch Kwiatkowski

Explore the ethical landscape of AI governance in healthcare with Mitch Kwiatkowski, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Marshfield Clinic Health System. – YouTube URL: Watch here

11. The optimal method for pinpointing a suitable use case for Generative AI with Muthu Chandra

Embark on a thought-provoking journey through the ethical dimensions of Generative AI with Muthu Chandra, a distinguished expert in the field. – YouTube URL: Watch here

12. Cloud Transformation and Enhanced Area Relations with Sol Rashidi

Explore the symbiotic alliance between cloud transformation and AI in this insightful interview featuring Sol Rashidi, former CAO of Estée Lauder. – YouTube URL: Watch here

13. Powering Enterprise Decisions with Data & Analytics with Pranay Agrawal

Join Pranay Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO at Fractal Analytics, in an insightful interview diving deep into Fractal’s journey from the IT-centric era to shaping pivotal business decisions. – YouTube URL: Watch here

14. Escape Entry Level: Your Blueprint for Raises, Bonuses, and Promotions with David Coughlin

Join David Coughlin, Executive Director and author of ‘Escape Entry Level’, for invaluable career guidance on navigating from entry-level positions to leadership roles. – YouTube URL: Watch here

15. Journey to Talent Acquisition – From Campus to Global Delivery with Sayandeb Banerjee

Discover exclusive insights from Sayandeb Banerjee, CEO at Mathco, as he shares two decades of expertise in talent acquisition and the evolution of data science. – YouTube URL: Watch here

16. Data Annotations to Digital Twins with Radha Basu

Unravel the journey from data annotation to digital twins in manufacturing technology with Radha Basu, Founder and CEO of iMerit. – YouTube URL: Watch here

17. Arvind Balasundaram of Regeneron: Unlocking Pharma’s Data Secrets | Simulated Reality Podcast

Step into the intriguing world of pharmaceutical data analytics with Arvind Balasundaram, the mastermind behind Regeneron Pharma’s commercial insights. – YouTube URL: Watch here

These podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights for professionals in the analytics and CDO fields. Whether you’re looking to stay updated on the latest trends, gain practical knowledge, or simply enjoy engaging discussions, these podcasts have you covered. Don’t forget to hit the play button and start exploring these valuable resources.

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