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Can an AI assistant really pick the best software for your startup? OneValley is finding out

Haystack's AI models are trained to understand each startup's specific requirements based on team size, growth plans, funding status and industry.

OneValley, a resource hub for entrepreneurs, has launched a new AI-powered platform called Haystack to help early-stage startups and small businesses select the right financial tools and management software for their needs.

The platform, which went live on Sunday, leverages large language models from AI company Seekr to provide personalized product recommendations through a conversational chatbot interface. Haystack aims to reduce the time and effort startups spend researching and vetting potential software vendors.

“Founding and growing a business requires you to become an expert in just about every category of business tools and services,” said Nikhil Sinha, CEO of OneValley. “Haystack gives founders the highly curated information and insight they need to make the best decision for their business in minutes, not months.”

In the crowded software-as-a-service market, startups often struggle to choose between dozens of competing products for needs like payment processing, HR, financial management and more. Haystack’s AI models are trained to understand each startup’s specific requirements based on team size, growth plans, funding status and industry.

The chatbot can provide detailed product profiles, pricing comparisons and recommendations that account for factors like available integrations. Users can ask follow-up questions to further refine the AI’s suggestions.

OneValley decided to partner with Seekr due to the AI firm’s techniques for aligning language models with specific principles and business values. Rob Clark, Seekr’s president and CTO, said this approach ensures Haystack’s recommendations are “trustworthy and responsible.”

While AI product advisors are not new, OneValley claims Haystack stands out by leveraging its startup expertise along with Seekr’s customized language models. The company hopes this blend of human and artificial intelligence will give entrepreneurs more confidence in their software buying decisions.

As AI’s role in software purchasing grows, platforms like Haystack could shake up the way startups discover and adopt new business tools. But they will need to prove their AI advisors can consistently provide accurate, unbiased recommendations tailored to each company’s unique situation.

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Mansi Singh
Mansi is an Associate Content Strategist. She holds interest that centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI. She can be reached at
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