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Meeting New Demands in the Age of AI: A Deep Dive into SingleStore’s Capabilities

SingleStore is revolutionizing real-time data processing and analytics, offering a unified solution for the challenges of the AI age.

In a recent talk at Cypher 2023, George Kuruvilla of SingleStore delved into the challenges and opportunities that organizations face in the age of AI. He emphasized the need for real-time data processing and analytics, highlighting how SingleStore’s unique architecture addresses these needs.

The Problem with Traditional Databases

George began by discussing the limitations of traditional databases, which are either optimized for transactional (OLTP) or analytical (OLAP) workloads but not both. This dichotomy often leads to complex, costly, and inefficient data architectures. Companies end up using multiple databases like MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Snowflake, each serving a specific need but complicating the overall infrastructure.

The SingleStore Solution

SingleStore aims to solve this problem by offering a unified database that can handle both OLTP and OLAP workloads on a single table type. This patented technology, known as Universal Storage, allows for real-time analytics as soon as the data lands, eliminating the need for ETL processes or batch work. George demonstrated the database’s speed and efficiency by running complex queries on tables with billions of rows, all within milliseconds.

Real-world Applications

George also shared some real-world applications of SingleStore, including its use by GE for aircraft engine analytics, by Fanatics for sports merchandising, and by Hulu for streaming analytics. These examples showcased the database’s ability to handle a variety of data types and workloads, from batch and operational data to IoT and JSON data.

Future-proof Your Analytics

One of the key advantages of SingleStore is its future-proof architecture. It offers a variety of data types, including relational, vector, key-value, JSON, and time series, all without any additional license fees. This makes it a versatile solution for modern applications that require a combination of transactional, analytical, and contextual capabilities.


In a world where real-time data processing is not just a luxury but a necessity, SingleStore offers a compelling solution. Its unified architecture simplifies data management, reduces costs, and enables real-time analytics, making it an essential tool for any organization looking to thrive in the age of AI.

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