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AI Revolution: Shaping Future Work – A Panel Discussion at Cypher 2023

Experts at Cypher 2023 discuss the multifaceted impact of AI on the future of work, emphasizing the need for business alignment, governance, and a human-centric approach.

The AI Revolution is not just about technology; it’s about shaping the future of work in a way that is inclusive, diverse, and human-centric. This was the crux of a panel discussion at Cypher 2023, featuring an esteemed panel of experts: Vikas Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director at Futurense; Jayachandran Ramachandran, Senior Vice President – Artificial Intelligence Labs at Course5 Intelligence; Akanksha Singh, Assistant Vice President – Corporate Relations at Futurense Technologies; Vinodh Ramachandran, Head of Data Science & Analytics at Neiman Marcus Group; and Chirag Jain, Vice President – Data Science | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Genpact.

Business Alignment and AI Governance

The panelists emphasized the importance of aligning AI initiatives with business goals. Jayachandran Ramachandran pointed out that governance is crucial in AI implementation. He stressed the need for a strong foundation and governance to ensure that AI technologies are applied responsibly and ethically.

Inclusivity and Diversity in AI

Chirag Jain spoke about the role of AI in creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces. He highlighted the need for an ecosystem where employees are continually upskilling themselves to stay relevant. Vinodh Ramachandran echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the need for a cultural shift within organizations to ensure that jobs are not displaced due to AI.

Skill Development and Upskilling

The panelists agreed that skill development is essential for both employees and organizations. Akanksha Singh mentioned that organizations should have a focused skill competency development plan. This would help employees know what skills they need to acquire to be ready for future challenges.

Regulatory Alignment

Vikas Gupta touched upon the regulatory aspects of AI, stating that laws and frameworks could be prescriptive but ultimately, it’s up to the organizations to implement them responsibly.

Human-Centric Approach

The panel concluded by discussing the importance of a human-centric approach in AI. They emphasized that while AI can accelerate innovation, it should not replace the human element. Leaders should create an environment where people can experiment, fail, and learn, thereby fostering a culture of innovation.

The discussion was a comprehensive look at the multifaceted impact of AI on the future of work, offering valuable insights for both industry professionals and policymakers.

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