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Hasit Trivedi, CTO of Tech Mahindra, Shares Insights on Generative AI

According to Hasit Trivedi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of digital technologies and global head of AI at Tech Mahindra, Generative AI is ushering in a renaissance in the creator economy.

Generative AI has been a game-changer in the IT sector, and Tech Mahindra, a leading IT company in India, has been quick to embrace its potential. According to Hasit Trivedi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of digital technologies and global head of AI at Tech Mahindra, Generative AI is ushering in a renaissance in the creator economy.

Trivedi highlights the importance of investing in and effectively implementing this transformative technology. Tech Mahindra’s early adoption of Generative AI was evident in the development of the Storicool platform, an auto content creation tool, even before the launch of ChatGPT.

The company also launched its Generative AI Studio, a one-stop center for experimenting with, generating, and optimizing digital content. This studio consolidates various aspects of content generation, including code, documents, text, images, videos, audio, and data. It empowers enterprises to explore the possibilities of Generative AI and offers a user-friendly interface for customizing content.

Trivedi emphasizes that Tech Mahindra is not only offering Generative AI solutions to clients but is also integrating this technology into its internal processes, including application development, testing, migration, legacy modernization, and more. The company’s commitment to Generative AI extends to various technology services, such as cybersecurity, metaverse, business excellence, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics.

Tech Mahindra’s Generative AI use cases are already benefiting clients, such as a multinational oil and gas transport pipeline company, where transcription automation has significantly reduced turnaround times. Additionally, the company’s Generative AI solutions have helped a global technology distributor streamline document processing, reduce costs, and enhance data analysis.

While embracing Generative AI, Tech Mahindra remains committed to ethical and responsible use. Trivedi highlights the importance of addressing concerns related to cybersecurity, data protection, copyright, and ethical implications. The company’s Responsible AI framework focuses on processes, tools, techniques, awareness, education, and cross-functional collaboration.

As part of this initiative, Tech Mahindra ensures that employees are well-trained and aware of responsible AI practices. The company also establishes governance frameworks for AI projects, encourages human-in-the-loop approaches, and conducts comprehensive AI maturity assessments for clients.

In conclusion, Hasit Trivedi, CTO of Tech Mahindra, leads the company’s forward-looking approach to Generative AI, positioning it as a leader in harnessing the technology’s potential and delivering impactful business outcomes.

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