Igniting the Market: Intel® Xeon® Product Launch Campaign

Intel, the global technology giant, sought to unveil its new Intel® Xeon® processor line with a powerful product launch campaign. Partnering with Analytics India Magazine, the company executed a multifaceted campaign that combined thought leadership articles, webinars, social media promotions, and targeted emailers, capturing the attention of the data science and technology community.

Primary Goals:

The product launch campaign aimed to achieve two main objectives:

  1. Generate significant brand impressions for the new Intel® Xeon® processor line.
  2. Engage a substantial number of potential customers.

How the Partnership Helped:

Intel and Analytics India Magazine collaborated to create a diverse range of compelling content and promotional strategies. The campaign included:

  1. Thought leadership articles showcasing the new processor line’s capabilities and advantages.
  2. Informative webinars demonstrating the processors’ real-world applications and benefits.
  3. Social media promotions highlighting the product’s features and unique selling points.
  4. Targeted emailers to reach a tailored audience of technology enthusiasts and decision-makers.

Business Impact:

The Intel® Xeon® product launch campaign, powered by the collaboration with Analytics India Magazine, made a significant impact on the market:

  1. The campaign achieved over 1.5 million brand impressions, creating substantial visibility for the new processor line.
  2. More than 7,000 potential customers were engaged, demonstrating strong interest in the product.

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