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Who is buying Data Science services?

The report examines the state of data adoption and digitalization across different regions and industries. We have placed these regions and industries into four quadrants based on their level of data adoption and digitalization.

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The quadrants as identified by AIM Research are Innovators, Emerging Markets, Digital Laggards, and Data-driven Pioneers. The study has captured several metrics of entities falling in the “Innovators” and “Emerging Markets” quadrants such as nominal GDP, real-time GDP growth, the share of unicorns present in the regions, the global market size by sectors, sectoral CAGR, inventory turnout ratio, etc. relevant for data science service providers to be able to make efficient investment decisions.

It is to be noted here, that the inventory turnout ratio is essentially the rate that inventory stock is sold, or used, and replaced and highlights the efficiency of each sector in using their inventories. Data plays a critical role in driving innovation and growth in any particular sector or region. Both data-driven decision-making and digital solutions for businesses and economies remain important to stay competitive in today’s data-centric world. This report by AIM Research will provide data science vendors with valuable insights who are looking to expand their business and enhance their understanding of the state of data adoption and digitalization across different regions and sectors.

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