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LLMOps Vendor Landscape

AIM Research’s report on the ‘LLMOps Vendor Landscape’ provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the tools and vendors necessary for organizations to operationalize LLM-based applications. The report starts by showcasing the emergence of LLMs and the need for operationalizing them. Delving deeper, the report distinguishes between MLOps and LLMOps and presents a detailed examination of the LLM life cycle and its key stages.

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Emergence of LLMs and Need for Operationalizing them 

The industry is currently witnessing a paradigm shift with the emergence of Generative AI, particularly large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, which are rapidly gaining prominence. 2023 saw a massive amount of investments in Generative AI startups, with funding crossing $24 B.

Generative AI utilizes patterns in existing data to create new, distinct datasets. LLMs expand on this idea, providing exceptional abilities to analyze complex information and generate interactions resembling human conversations. As LLMs grow in size and complexity, the infrastructure required to train, fine-tune, and deploy them becomes increasingly complex and challenging. This has led to the introduction and necessity of LLMOps (MLOps for LLMs) that focus on the unique operational aspects of working with LLMs.

LLMOps (Large Language Model Operations)

AIM Research defines LLMOps as a set of tools and practices used to productionize Large Language Model-based solutions. Deployment, Monitoring and Observability, and Continuous Improvement and Optimization are identified as the key stages of LLMOPs.

Key Findings:

Startups are powering the LLMOps developments. The majority of vendors offering tools to operationalize Large Language Models (LLMs) are relatively new, with more than 60% founded between 2019 and 2023.

~70% of the LLMOps tool providers are based in the United States, indicating a strong concentration of innovation and development in the region.

As LLMs grow in size and complexity, the need for tools to operationalize LLMs would evolve: We may notice the emergence of new/better tools to manage large-scale LLM-based application deployments, better context-aware prompting tools, and tools to quickly address model drifts as LLMs grow.


A thorough exploration of the LLMOps Vendor landscape is imperative for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of Large Language Models. LLMs are new and largely in the experimentation or exploratory phase for many organizations, so there is no standardized workflow for producing LLMs. Similarly, the term “LLMOps” varies in definition across organizations, indicating a lack of consensus on its exact scope. This report explores the market landscape of LLMOps, investigating the essential tools and vendors crucial for businesses looking to operationalize LLM production.

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