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May 2024 Edition

May 2024 edition of AIM Research Monthly brings into focus the dynamic shifts and progressive discussions within the Artificial Intelligence landscape. This month's issue, marked by the inaugural CDO Vision San Francisco event, underscores a pivotal moment for the field.

As May 2024 begins, the field of Artificial Intelligence enters a transformative phase, highlighted in the latest edition of AIM Research Monthly. Leading this change is the inaugural CDO Vision San Francisco event, the CDO Vision Series by AIM Research. This key event brought together leading minds in the industry, creating a space for collaboration, networking, and the sharing of knowledge. The event focused on the extensive topic of Strategic Decision-Making for Generative AI, encompassing Business Alignment, Talent, and Governance. Set against this vibrant gathering, the May issue of the journal stands as a testament to the revolutionary impact of Generative AI, providing readers with an exclusive look at the latest research, trends, and case studies presented.

CDO Vision San Francisco 2024

At the CDO Vision San Francisco event, discussions focused on responsible AI use in insurance, emphasizing the need for centralized governance, data-driven decision-making, and ethical AI applications. Key initiatives proposed included setting up an AI center of excellence, forming cross-functional teams, enhancing data input for model improvement, and establishing robust infrastructure and monitoring for AI projects. Challenges such as misinformation, limited model access, and the necessity for strong software architecture and continuous infrastructure investment were highlighted, alongside calls for greater transparency and accountability in AI development.

Retiring Legacy and Modernizing Analytics Systems Among Enterprises

The report indicates widespread agreement among businesses on the advantages of transitioning from traditional to contemporary BI systems, focusing on better decision-making and increased operational efficiency. An impressive 82.8% of organizations acknowledge the critical necessity to switch, driven by the superior functionality of modern systems that facilitate real-time analysis and more flexible reporting.

Vendor Landscape for Computer Vision Services – 2024

The report’s standout feature is the “Pure-Play Computer Vision Service Providers: PeMa Quadrant,” which assesses vendors based on their market penetration and maturity. This quadrant is a valuable tool for organizations to identify vendors that best match their strategic objectives, clearly distinguishing the market leaders and challengers. Additionally, the report forecasts the computer vision services market size through 2030, anticipating a 19% annual CAGR. It classifies service providers into three main groups: pure-play service providers, platform providers, and service-agnostic providers, and details the taxonomy within these categories, identifying top industry players.

Embracing Gen AI: Transformative Strategies for Crisis Navigation

The podcast with Ankit Rana examines the comprehensive role of Gen AI in improving decision-making, optimizing recruitment, and extracting actionable insights from extensive data sets. This discussion not only underscores Gen AI’s capabilities in tackling modern challenges but also discusses the essential resources, organizational adjustments, and strategic patience necessary to fully leverage Gen AI in crisis situations. 

AI for Gender Equity – Data to Decisions

Archana Soni in her article, emphasizes that AI has the potential to greatly enhance gender equity by providing innovative approaches to addressing deep-seated biases and discrimination. However, to realize this potential, AI development must be approached conscientiously, with a strong focus on preventing the replication of biases and maintaining a commitment to ethical practices. She argues that by promoting inclusivity in data collection, fostering diversity among AI developers, and adhering to strict ethical guidelines, AI can serve as a powerful tool in advancing gender equity. The path forward requires a balanced use of AI, harnessing its extensive capabilities to create a more equitable world for people of all genders.

Cohesity Gaia’s Evolution and Ethical Considerations in AI-Powered Analytics

In a podcast, Sanjay Poonen, CEO and President of Cohesity, provided exclusive insights into Gaia. As a distinguished leader in the tech industry, Poonen discussed how Cohesity employs Generative AI to extract insights from secondary data, such as backups and archives, which are often less accessible and considered the “bottom of the iceberg.” He emphasized the use of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for direct querying of this data, a distinctive strategy that gives Cohesity a competitive advantage.

Navigating Data Privacy in AI-Balancing Innovation with Compliance

Erum Manzoor in her article, stresses that for corporations utilizing AI, ensuring data privacy is a critical, ongoing strategic effort. It necessitates a culture where privacy principles are embedded in the company’s core ethos, not merely considered as an add-on. The conclusive section of her article reinforces the necessity for businesses to foster a symbiotic relationship between technological advancements and privacy protections, placing consumer trust at the forefront of their competitive strategy. Manzoor argues that maintaining data privacy is essential for companies using AI; it should form a fundamental part of their operations. Ultimately, businesses must balance technological progress with privacy preservation, leveraging this focus on trust to secure a competitive advantage.

Key Priorities for Commercial IT Leaders In Life Sciences with Vivek Ghai

In a podcast with Vivek Ghai pointed out that over half of the IT leaders in the commercial life sciences industry (51%) consider customer experience the most critical element in their technology investment decisions. This emphasis is motivated by the growing demands of healthcare professionals and patients for interactions that are both personalized and seamless—key factors in fostering brand loyalty and improving patient health outcomes. Ghai also noted that as healthcare moves towards a value-based approach, focusing on customer experience complements wider commercial objectives.

Top Generative AI News from Enterprises

Generative AI is rapidly advancing, highlighted by a series of innovative breakthroughs and novel applications unveiled this month. Its impact is felt across various industries, including healthcare, marketing, edge computing, lifestyle and open-source models, positioning it as a transformative force set to reshape both our daily lives and professional environments. As both companies and individuals aim to harness the power of this technology, a common goal surfaces: to achieve unmatched efficiency, creativity, and tailored experiences.

The May 2024 edition of AIM Research Monthly brings into focus the dynamic shifts and progressive discussions within the Artificial Intelligence landscape. This month’s issue, marked by the inaugural CDO Vision San Francisco event, underscores a pivotal moment for the field. From fostering strategic decision-making in Generative AI to emphasizing ethical AI applications in insurance, the discussions and insights gathered highlight the industry’s commitment to responsible innovation and practical advancements. Moreover, the diverse reports ranging from modernizing analytics systems to navigating data privacy showcase the breadth of AI’s influence and the ongoing need for companies to adapt and evolve. As we step into May 2024 and beyond, the continued exploration and application of AI promise not only technological advancements but also a deeper integration into strategic business processes, ultimately enhancing both efficiency and equity across sectors.

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Mansi Singh
Mansi is an Associate Content Strategist. She holds interest that centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI. She can be reached at
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