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Yorck F. E. Appointed as Global Chief Data Officer at Liberty Mutual, Leaves Farmers Insurance After 11 Years

Yorck F. E. joins Liberty Mutual as Global Chief Data Officer after an 11-year tenure at Farmers Insurance, signaling a significant shift in the insurance industry's data landscape.

In a significant move within the insurance industry, Yorck F. E. has been appointed as the Global Chief Data Officer for Liberty Mutual’s Global Risk Solutions. The news comes after Yorck spent an impressive 11 years at Farmers Insurance, a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, where he held the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer.

An Illustrious Tenure at Farmers Insurance

During his time at Farmers, Yorck was responsible for the creation and execution of enterprise-wide data, analytics, and AI strategies. Leading both internal and external teams, he played a key role in enhancing the insurer’s competitive position through data analytics initiatives. His work at Farmers involved a team of over 200 members and multiple contractors, consultants, and vendors, focusing on enterprise data strategy, data science, and analytics.

New Horizons at Liberty Mutual

As the Global Chief Data Officer at Liberty Mutual, Yorck will be tasked with overseeing the newly formed GRS Data Office. His responsibilities will include developing effective data strategies in collaboration with technology and business leaders within the organization.

Yorck is expected to bring a renewed focus on four key data missions—establishing a single source of truth, adopting a team of teams operating model, instating robust data governance, and ensuring accountability for business value.

Quoting the New Chief Data Officer

In a recent statement, Yorck said, “I am incredibly excited to join Liberty Mutual and contribute to its journey of digital and data transformation. The insurance industry is at an inflection point, and the opportunities for leveraging data are immense. I look forward to working closely with the teams to drive meaningful change and deliver value.”

Career Highlights and Initiatives

Among Yorck’s standout achievements at Farmers were his “cloud smart” initiatives, which harnessed the power of cloud technology for enhanced data capabilities. He was also instrumental in modernizing pricing and segmentation efforts at Farmers and was the sponsor for the enterprise’s AI Council.

About the Man Behind the Role

Yorck is a graduate of the University of Vienna and has a military service record with the Austrian Armed Forces, lending him a unique approach to leadership, blending calm, pragmatism, and innovation.

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