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6 Companies Utilizing AI For Driving the Future of Smart Cities in the US

Here are six companies harnessing AI to shape the future of smart cities, enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in urban areas.

As cities across the United States strive to become smarter, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in transforming urban landscapes. From improving traffic management and transportation to optimizing infrastructure and environmental monitoring, AI-driven solutions are at the forefront of these innovations.

Here are six companies harnessing AI to shape the future of smart cities, enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in urban areas.

Hayden AI

Hayden AI leverages artificial intelligence, particularly computer vision and machine learning, to develop automated enforcement solutions that enhance mobility and traffic flow in cities. Their core offering is an AI-powered mobile perception platform mounted on buses, which can detect vehicles illegally parked or driving in dedicated bus lanes, bus stops, bike lanes, or obstructing traffic through double parking. 

This AI system processes visual data in real-time, enabling cities to enforce transportation rules at scale while prioritizing data privacy. By automating enforcement, Hayden AI aims to reduce congestion, increase accessibility, and promote safer, more efficient transportation systems in urban areas.

StreetLight Data

StreetLight Data employs AI and machine learning to analyze massive location datasets from mobile devices, vehicles, and smart city sensors, accurately identifying transportation modes like vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians. Their AI models process trillions of data points to provide granular multimodal mobility metrics, enabling data-driven transportation planning, optimization, and impact measurement for cities and agencies without physical sensors.


Samsara leverages artificial intelligence across its Connected Operations Cloud platform, utilizing computer vision, predictive modeling, and automation. Their AI capabilities include vision-based driver safety monitoring, operational efficiency optimization through IoT data analysis, predictive maintenance for assets, AI-driven workflow automation, and computer vision applications like cargo scanning and worksite monitoring. By applying AI to process vast IoT data streams from connected vehicles, equipment, and worksites, Samsara provides customers with real-time insights, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation to improve safety, increase efficiency, and enhance visibility into physical operations.


Cavnue extensively uses artificial intelligence to build advanced road infrastructure that enables the full potential of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). They employ machine learning for traffic analysis and optimization, AI-powered sensors and cameras for real-time vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, computer vision for monitoring road conditions, and predictive maintenance models for their connected systems. 

Additionally, AI plays a crucial role in simulating scenarios and testing their CAV corridor designs before deployment. By integrating AI capabilities spanning data analysis, real-time coordination, computer vision, and predictive modeling with physical road infrastructure, Cavnue aims to create an intelligent transportation system that supports safer, more efficient, and sustainable autonomous mobility.


Flash leverages artificial intelligence, particularly machine vision and machine learning, to revolutionize parking management and operations. Their core offering, FlashVision, is an AI-powered camera system that performs real-time license plate recognition, enabling automated parking access, revenue control, and vehicle identification without the need for tickets or keycards. By integrating FlashVision with their parking management platforms, Flash Parking can monitor facilities, provide space availability insights, and enable predictive analytics through AI-driven data processing. 

Additionally, they employ AI-powered IoT devices to detect and monitor on-street parking spaces in real-time, identifying available spots and unauthorized parking autonomously. Through the extensive use of AI technologies like computer vision, machine learning, and IoT sensors, Flash Parking aims to create seamless, automated, and data-driven parking experiences for both operators and consumers.


Xylem, a leading water technology company, leverages AI and ML to optimize various aspects of its operations and products. They use AI/ML models for decision intelligence solutions, enhancing processes like chemical dosing and energy consumption at water treatment plants. Their ML-powered generative design software automates treatment plant design and documentation, while a partnership with DataRobot enables automated condition assessment of water infrastructure through AI-based image classification.

Additionally, Xylem incorporates AI and computer vision in assisted reality headsets to improve field service operations and has developed an AI-powered workplace search assistant, Xylem AI, to boost productivity for knowledge workers. These AI/ML integrations drive efficiency, innovation, and better outcomes for their customers and employees.

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