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Vbrick Revolutionizes Video Delivery in ServiceNow Workflows with AI Integration

Vbrick unveils a groundbreaking AI integration with ServiceNow, automating intelligent video delivery within workflows and transforming enterprise video content management.

In a significant advancement for enterprise video solutions, Vbrick, a leading provider of end-to-end video solutions, has announced its latest AI-powered integration with ServiceNow. This integration is set to automate and revolutionize video delivery within ServiceNow workflows, enhancing knowledge sharing, process efficiency, and employee experience.

Vbrick’s innovative AI capabilities are aligned with ServiceNow’s core mission of making work, ‘work better’. This collaboration allows Vbrick to leverage ServiceNow’s expansive partner ecosystem, tapping into a $500 billion market opportunity for the Now Platform and associated partner services. The integration ensures that Vbrick’s enterprise video solutions are now more accessible and efficient, offering a unique solution built on the Now Platform.

The newly enhanced ServiceNow Partner Program, which values diverse expertise and experience, is crucial in supporting this integration. Vbrick, as a Registered Partner, offers its certified integration globally via the Vbrick Video Connector and Vbrick Video on Demand applications in the ServiceNow Store.

Vbrick’s AI technology works by sifting through an organization’s video library to identify and deliver the most relevant content automatically. This process is fully optimized and user-authenticated, transforming what was once a manual task into a seamless experience within any ServiceNow Workflow.

Paul Sparta, Vbrick Chairman and CEO, emphasized the untapped potential of organizational video content. “Too often, organizations are not utilizing video to its full potential,” he said. “Vbrick’s AI distills the value from an organization’s video content to transform what was previously a very manual process of discovering relevant video, into a fully automated, optimized, and user-authenticated experience within any ServiceNow Workflow.”

This integration is particularly impactful in IT Service Management. For instance, an agent using ServiceNow IT Service Manager can now access not only ticket details and related articles but also an AI-curated list of relevant videos based on the ticket description. This feature is bolstered by Vbrick’s behind-the-scenes authentication process, ensuring that agents only view content for which they have permission. Each video is accompanied by a generative AI summary, a transcript with timestamps, and metadata, providing a comprehensive understanding of the content’s relevance and reliability.

Erica Volini, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at ServiceNow, praised the partnership. “Partnerships succeed best when we lean into our unique skills and expertise,” she remarked. “Vbrick extends our reach well beyond where we can go alone and represents the legacy and goals of the Now Platform. I am thrilled to see the continued innovation we will achieve together to drive exponential growth for our joint customers.”

Vbrick’s integration with ServiceNow is a game-changer for organizations seeking to manage, secure, and deliver video content efficiently. By combining Vbrick and ServiceNow’s capabilities, companies can unlock the hidden value within their video content, enhancing productivity and transforming their enterprise workflows.

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