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ServiceNow Unveils Major Expansion of Its Now Assist Generative AI Portfolio

ServiceNow expands its Now Assist generative AI portfolio, introducing new transformative capabilities for Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Field Service Management to elevate productivity and user experiences.

ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company, has launched a significant expansion of its Now Assist generative AI portfolio, introducing new capabilities aimed at transforming user experiences and boosting productivity. The latest additions – Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management – are set to be embedded into the ServiceNow Platform, enhancing the company’s comprehensive range of practical generative AI applications.

These innovations are not just technological advancements; they are tools enabling ServiceNow customers to reshape their work practices. With Gartner® forecasting a $3 trillion investment in AI between 2023 and 2027, and GenAI constituting 36% of this expenditure, ServiceNow’s latest offerings are timely. Organizations are already experiencing cost savings, growth, and efficiency improvements through the deployment of GenAI, and Now Assist is accelerating these digital transformation journeys with its rapid implementation and immediate ROI.

CJ Desai, president and COO at ServiceNow, emphasizes the critical role of AI in modern business: “Our customers face complex dynamics across industries, and AI is key to enabling faster execution, smarter decision-making, and greater agility. ServiceNow’s integration of generative AI into the core of the Now Platform empowers organizations to utilize AI securely and confidently, driving unparalleled value for their business.”

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The new features in the Now Assist portfolio are designed to be immediate productivity boosters. They reduce the time spent on searching, summarizing, and creating basic information, while also enabling efficient self-service, incident deflection, and workflow automation. Specifically:

  • Now Assist in Virtual Agent: This feature allows organizations to create and deploy advanced GenAI chat experiences quickly, enhancing self-service and increasing call deflection rates.
  • Flow generation: It streamlines workflow development on the Now Platform, converting plain text into low-code workflows and improving the speed and ease of automation development.
  • Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM): This tool aids field service teams in delivering improved, proactive experiences and increasing productivity using generative AI.

Among the early adopters of Now Assist are prominent organizations like CBRE, Deloitte, Teleperformance, a U.S. government agency, and NVIDIA, also a ServiceNow technology partner. Sonu Nayyar, CIO at NVIDIA, highlighted the efficiency gains from utilizing ServiceNow’s Now Assist features like case summarization and question-answering, driven by generative AI.

Incorporating both general-purpose LLMs and ServiceNow-developed models, ServiceNow’s GenAI strategy offers secure and broad LLM support. This approach ensures excellent user experiences, transparency, governance, and data security.

The new solutions announced are now generally available in the ServiceNow Store, marking another step in ServiceNow’s journey to revolutionize digital workflows and create an intelligent platform for the future.

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