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Streamlining Payroll with Conversational Tech

UKG’s GenAI strategy focuses on conversational experiences, simplifying how payroll teams access and interact with data.

During the 42nd annual Payroll Congress Convention and Expo, UKG, a global leader in HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions, unveiled a transformative approach to payroll reporting through the integration of generative AI (GenAI) technology. This innovative leap in UKG Pro will streamline payroll processes by enabling user-friendly interactions for generating insights and custom dashboards.

UKG’s GenAI strategy focuses on conversational experiences, simplifying how payroll teams access and interact with data. Instead of the traditional, time-consuming methods of data handling, UKG introduces a text-based interface where users can make requests like, “Show me employees who still receive a physical paycheck?”

This AI-driven approach not only speeds up data retrieval but also increases accuracy and allows teams to concentrate on strategic tasks that support organizational and employee growth.

Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG, emphasizes the impact of this technology,“Payroll reporting often feels like seeking a needle in a haystack. With generative AI, we’re dramatically reducing payroll complexity by making critical data easily searchable and accessible through conversational experiences, putting that information into actionable context for payroll teams.”

Broader Applications of GenAI in the Workplace

The broader applications of GenAI within UKG’s Pro suite demonstrate its utility beyond just payroll reporting. The AI functionalities integrated into the suite help streamline various aspects of workplace management. For instance, the summarization feature is adept at extracting key themes from lengthy text documents, which significantly aids in the performance review processes. 

Additionally, the classification function assists in identifying various data types, enabling it to detect trends and provide actionable insights that were previously challenging to discern. Lastly, the content creation capability of GenAI facilitates the generation of unique content, such as job descriptions, by analyzing and learning from existing data patterns. These advanced tools collectively enhance efficiency and decision-making across organizational levels.

Pete Tiliakos, principal analyst and strategic advisor at 3Sixty Insights, highlights the strategic timing and potential of UKG’s innovations, “Payroll curates one of the richest yet most underutilized datasets in any organization. Gen AI-enabled, conversational analytic payroll reporting is well-timed and accelerates UKG’s transformative payroll vision, which aims to augment employees, managers, and practitioners for improved workforce and business outcomes.”

This latest initiative by UKG not only showcases its commitment to leveraging advanced technology in HCM but also reinforces its leadership in transforming workplace operations through innovative solutions.

About UKG

UKG’s mission is to inspire organizations worldwide to excel as workplaces through its innovative HCM technology tailored for all. Trusted by over 80,000 organizations globally, UKG combines vast datasets on people, work, and culture with advanced AI to foster excellent workplace experiences and informed business decisions. 

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