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Moveworks and Microsoft Collaborate to Advance Generative AI Solutions for Enterprises

We are seeing significant customer demand for our new Next-Generation Copilot, and Microsoft Azure provides the stability, security, and privacy standards required to deliver that experience at a first-class level

Moveworks, a well-known company offering AI solutions for employee support in businesses, has revealed a new partnership with Microsoft, a top player in the tech industry. This long-term collaboration marks a big step in integrating Moveworks’ AI and ML platform with Microsoft Azure, showcasing Azure’s ability to keep up with the increasing need for Moveworks’ innovative Copilot technology.

Bhavin Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Moveworks, on the Collaboration

“We are seeing significant customer demand for our new Next-Generation Copilot, and Microsoft Azure provides the stability, security, and privacy standards required to deliver that experience at a first-class level,” stated Bhavin Shah. “With Microsoft’s flexible offerings, including the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Azure OpenAI Service’s provisioned throughput units (PTUs), we are able to build and deliver cutting-edge generative AI use cases to our customers at scale.”

Powering the Moveworks Copilot

The Moveworks Copilot, driven by the Moveworks Reasoning Engine, leverages a combination of Moveworks’ proprietary large language model (LLM), MoveLM, and Azure OpenAI Service generative AI capabilities. This integration enables advanced reasoning capabilities, allowing employees to interact with and execute actions across all business systems through natural language.

Katy Brown, CVP of Software and Digital Platforms at Microsoft, on the Collaboration

“Microsoft’s collaboration with Moveworks demonstrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service’s role in reshaping how businesses operate,” said Katy Brown. “Together, we’re directly embedding cutting-edge AI into employees’ daily tasks, and responding to our customers’ calls for deeper, actionable intelligence.”

Expanding Accessibility Through Microsoft Marketplace

As part of the collaboration, the Moveworks Copilot is now available through Microsoft Marketplace. This initiative aims to streamline the purchasing and deployment process for mutual customers, who can now apply their existing Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC) towards acquiring the Moveworks Copilot.

Insights from Conference

The upcoming conference on April 23, 2024, will feature Katy Brown and Bhavin Shah discussing the strategic depth of the partnership. They will explore how this collaboration represents the future of AI in the enterprise, underscoring both companies’ commitment to innovative AI solutions that deliver tangible ROI.

About Moveworks

Moveworks is a leading AI copilot platform for the enterprise, empowering the workforce to interact with and take action across all business systems through natural language. Leveraging advanced LLMs and proprietary models, Moveworks automates support tasks, enhances the employee experience, and accelerates business transformation for companies worldwide.

Founded in 2016, Moveworks has garnered significant recognition, including being named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list and Forbes’ AI 50 list for its innovative contributions to AI-driven enterprise solutions.

This collaboration between Moveworks and Microsoft signifies a concerted effort to advance generative AI solutions and drive innovation in enterprise support and automation.

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Anshika Mathews
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