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MaxisIT Introduces Industry’s First AI-enabled Clinical Trials Optimization System

MaxisIT, a prominent provider of clinical data analytics platforms, has launched SMART Optimizer, heralded as the industry’s first AI-enabled system for optimizing clinical trials.

MaxisIT, a prominent provider of clinical data analytics platforms, has launched SMART Optimizer, heralded as the industry’s first AI-enabled system for optimizing clinical trials. Leveraging the power of Causal AI, SMART Optimizer aims to revolutionize decision-making in pharmaceutical and life sciences research, bridging the gap between correlational machine learning and human-like intelligence.

Bridging the Gap with Causal AI:

The platform’s innovative Causal AI engine, coupled with Generative AI, marks a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence application within clinical trial optimization. By prioritizing cause-and-effect relationships in data analysis, SMART Optimizer offers various virtual roles across the clinical trials continuum, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making accuracy.

Decoding Protocol Complexities:

Moulik Shah, CEO of MaxisIT, highlighted the importance of addressing protocol complexities and data volume challenges in modern clinical trials. He emphasized, “Safe and effective drug development runs on causal questions. Our mission is to decode such complexities and identify causal factors influencing treatment outcomes.”

Empowering Decision-Making:

SMART Optimizer incorporates scalable causal discovery algorithms within its AI engine, facilitating the construction of large causal graphs and structural causal modeling. This enables deeper understanding of root causes of anomalies and poor performance in trials, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

Human-AI Collaboration:

Shah emphasized the platform’s capacity to combine human intelligence with AI, stating, “By combining human-intelligence with AI, SMART Optimizer bridges creativity with reasoning, and recommends the Next Best Action to empower clinical trials’ sponsors to lead with more confident, accurate decision making to improve outcomes.”

MaxisIT invites interested parties to join their select, invitation-only leadership council to learn more about SMART Optimizer and participate in pilot programs. Member organizations will have the opportunity to experience the platform firsthand and contribute to its ongoing development.

Driving Patient-Centric Drug Development:

MaxisIT is a leading provider of clinical trials data analytics platform, headquartered in Edison, NJ. With over 3,300 clinical trials across small to large pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations worldwide, MaxisIT offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform that integrates clinical development data, providing customers with a single-source-of-truth regarding clinical study information. Committed to driving patient-centric drug development, MaxisIT aims to improve the outcome of clinical trials and accelerate the delivery of therapies to patients.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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