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Gen AI Has Its Portfolio Made

Generative AI is reshaping network and security operations, supporting IT and cyber professionals to do more, faster.

Fortinet® , a global cybersecurity leader renowned for driving the convergence of networking and security, has introduced groundbreaking updates to its generative AI (GenAI) portfolio. These enhancements include the industry’s first generative AI IoT security assistant, marking a significant milestone in cybersecurity innovation.

Generative AI is reshaping network and security operations, supporting IT and cyber professionals to do more, faster. Fortinet is committed to remaining at the forefront of AI innovation, and by expanding FortiAI, our context-aware GenAI assistant, we’re continuing to empower operations teams with advanced natural language processing capabilities. The latest updates to FortiAI deliver innovative new ways to interface with Fortinet’s products using 30+ common languages to cut through complexity and boost operational efficiency.

John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortinet

Addressing the Skills Gap

With the cybersecurity sector facing a considerable skills gap, estimated at nearly 4 million professionals, Fortinet’s GenAI aims to bridge this divide by augmenting technical proficiency. FortiAI, the company’s GenAI assistant, empowers both security operations (SecOps) and network operations (NetOps) teams to configure networks, manage changes, and investigate threats with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Its intuitive interface, accessible via natural language commands, democratizes cybersecurity expertise, making it accessible to professionals of all skill levels.

Innovative Features

Fortinet’s latest GenAI capabilities introduce transformative advancements in both network and security operations:

New GenAI Capabilities for Network Operations:

  • FortiAI within FortiManager offers GenAI-assisted scripting in CLI and Jinja, revolutionizing Day 0 and Day 1 network configuration and provisioning.
  • The validation capability scrutinizes code for errors and suggests edits, enhancing code development reliability.
  • The industry’s first GenAI IoT security assistant within FortiManager detects and troubleshoots IoT vulnerabilities, enabling proactive problem identification and faster resolutions.

New GenAI Capabilities for Security Operations:

  • FortiAI integration within FortiAnalyzer includes dictation capabilities, simplifying threat hunting and event analysis.
  • Analysts can quickly navigate vast data sets, identify threats, and generate reports with ease, reducing the need for extensive technical training.

Prioritizing Security and Data Privacy

As AI technologies become integral to cybersecurity, Fortinet prioritizes securing AI processes and ensuring data privacy. The company hosts AI proxy servers within its data centers, a strategic initiative to proxy all AI connections. This setup optimizes AI performance and enhances the security of customer data across all Fortinet products, mitigating risks associated with AI-driven operations.

FortiAI: Empowering Network and Security Operations

Fortinet’s commitment to AI innovation spans over a decade, with AI serving as the backbone of the Fortinet Security Fabric and FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence and security services. FortiAI delivers context-aware GenAI assistance to help SecOps and NetOps teams make informed decisions swiftly. Supporting over 30 languages, FortiAI addresses the cybersecurity skills gap while streamlining business operations. Initially launched within FortiSIEM and FortiSOAR, FortiAI is now integrated with FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager, with plans for additional integrations across the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Fortinet continues to lead the charge in AI-driven cybersecurity innovation, empowering organizations to navigate evolving threats with confidence and efficiency.

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