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The Future of AI in Simulation and Design: A Comprehensive Guide by Biren Ghose at Cypher 2023

Biren Ghose illuminates the transformative role of AI in simulation and design, calling for ethical governance and social impact at Cypher 2023.

At the recent Cypher 2023 conference, Biren Ghose, a key figure at Technicolor, took the audience on an enlightening journey through the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in simulation and design. His presentation was a compelling blend of theoretical insights, real-world applications, and a vision for the future.

The Wild West of AI

Ghose began by likening the current state of AI to the “Wild West,” emphasizing the need for governance and self-regulation in the industry. He pointed out that while AI offers immense potential, it also presents challenges that require thoughtful consideration and ethical guidelines.

The Power of Imagery

One of the most captivating parts of Ghose’s talk was his discussion on the power of imagery. Technicolor, he revealed, writes 300 terabytes of data every day and creates 500,000 images every moment. This massive amount of data and imagery provides a fertile ground for AI applications, from predictive analytics to real-time decision-making.

Legalities and IP

Ghose also touched upon the legal aspects of AI, particularly in the realm of intellectual property. He explained that the ownership of AI-generated content depends on the nature of the contract between the creator and the client. This is an area that is still evolving and requires careful navigation to avoid legal pitfalls.

Social Impact and CSR

The talk also delved into the social impact of AI. Ghose mentioned that Technicolor is involved in creating content for social causes and is open to collaborations that drive social change. He emphasized that the company is committed to amplifying the “right brain,” encouraging more people to engage in creative endeavors.

The Future is Now

Ghose concluded his talk with a call to action. He urged the audience to embrace the technologies of AI for imagery and simulation to take their companies and careers to the next level. He also gave a nod to the various branches of Technicolor, each specializing in different aspects of design, animation, and gaming.


Biren Ghose’s session at Cypher 2023 was a comprehensive guide to understanding the transformative power of AI in simulation and design. His insights serve as a roadmap for anyone looking to harness the potential of AI in this rapidly evolving field.

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