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AI in Continuous Manufacturing Process: A Deep Dive into Grasim’s Digital Transformation Journey

Vinay Morje from Grasim Industries unveils how AI and analytics are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes, from quality control to predictive maintenance and beyond.

In a recent talk at Cypher 2023, Vinay Morje from Grasim Industries, a part of the Aditya Birla Group, delved into the digital transformation journey of the company. With a legacy spanning over 15 years, Grasim has been a pioneer in the pulp and fiber industry. The talk covered a wide range of topics, from quality control and inspection to predictive maintenance and customer centricity, highlighting how AI and analytics are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes.

The Three-Step Approach to Digital Transformation

Grasim follows a three-step approach to digital transformation: Digitize, Digitalize, and Digital Transformation. The first step, “Digitize,” focuses on providing visibility by converting manual processes into digital forms. The second step, “Digitalize,” leverages this data for decision-making, using analytics and correlations. The final step, “Digital Transformation,” aims to create a connected enterprise, using data and analytics models to improve business functions.

Vision Analytics in Quality Control

One of the key areas where Grasim has implemented AI is in quality control and inspection through vision analytics. Cameras are placed at various points in the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the fiber, from its whiteness level to the absence of any black or yellow spots.

Predictive Maintenance and Process Optimization

Grasim also uses AI for predictive maintenance, moving away from traditional preventive maintenance to a more data-driven approach. This has resulted in better uptime and increased profitability. Process optimization through soft sensors and digital twins is another area where AI has been beneficial.

Blockchain for Traceability

Grasim has developed a blockchain-based solution called “Green Track” to provide traceability across the value chain. This helps brands to ensure that sustainable practices are being followed throughout the manufacturing process.

People and Skill Development

Vinay Morje emphasized the importance of reskilling and upskilling employees, especially in a traditional manufacturing setup. Grasim is running a digital capability building program to prepare its workforce for the future.


Grasim’s journey in digital transformation is a testament to how AI and analytics can bring about significant changes in traditional manufacturing setups. From quality control to predictive maintenance and from blockchain traceability to skill development, Grasim is setting a benchmark in the industry.

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