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Empowering Businesses with No-Code Solutions: Real-Time Data Integration and Automated Machine Learning

"Real-time data integration and automated machine learning are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, enabling them to extract valuable insights and drive innovation without extensive coding knowledge," say Pashupati Sharma and Rajiv Kumar Maskara from Qlik.

On June 23rd, 2023, at the MachineCon India event, two distinguished speakers, Pashupati Sharma, Regional Vice President – OEM Sales, Qlik India, and Rajiv Kumar Maskara, Director Sales, Qlik Data Integration, shared their insights on the transformative power of no-code solutions in the realms of real-time data integration and automated machine learning.

The talk began with a historical overview of Qlik, tracing its evolution from a single product company in 2014 to a cloud-first organization in 2022. Over the years, Qlik has made several strategic acquisitions, including Podium for data cataloging solutions, Attunity for real-time data transfer, and Big Squid for automated machine learning solutions. These acquisitions have enabled Qlik to offer end-to-end data integration solutions, from data replication to ETL and analytics.

The speakers emphasized the importance of real-time data integration in today’s digital landscape. As businesses embark on their digital transformation journeys, the need for a modern data stack becomes evident. However, the term “modern data stack” often leads to a plethora of components that need to be managed, resulting in data silos, different tools, fragile pipelines, and a longer time to market.

To address these challenges, Qlik offers a comprehensive solution for the modern data stack through its cloud data integration platform. This platform provides real-time data movement into the cloud, high-performance data gateways, a single solution for multiple cloud providers, and a no-code or low-code system. This approach reduces the learning curve and the dependence on specific personnel, making it an ideal solution for businesses facing high attrition rates and a shortage of skilled personnel.

The second part of the talk focused on Qlik’s automated machine learning (AutoML) solution. AutoML aims to bridge the gap between operational business teams and data scientists by automating many aspects of machine learning. With Qlik’s AutoML, businesses can provide a dataset, choose a target column, and the system will automatically figure out the best algorithm, identify the key drivers for the target variable, and generate models. This enables businesses to make predictions on forward-looking data and conduct what-if scenarios, providing actionable insights based on probable future outcomes.

The speakers concluded the talk by highlighting Qlik’s comprehensive end-to-end capabilities around data, from data integration to analytics and visualization, and from automated machine learning to application automation. By providing an end-to-end data journey for enterprises, Qlik empowers businesses to harness the potential of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and real-time data integration without extensive coding knowledge.

In conclusion, the talk by Pashupati Sharma and Rajiv Kumar Maskara at MachineCon India 2023 provided valuable insights into how businesses can leverage no-code solutions for real-time data integration and automated machine learning. By embracing these technologies, organizations can extract valuable insights from continuously updated data sources, enhance decision-making processes, and drive innovation.

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