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Qlik Acquires Kyndi to Revolutionize AI-Driven Business Insights

Qlik's acquisition of Kyndi catalyzes AI innovation, bridging structured and unstructured data for unparalleled business insights.

In a landmark move, Qlik®, a global pioneer in data integration, analytics, and AI, announced the strategic acquisition of key intellectual property from Kyndi, the trailblazer in natural language processing, search, and generative AI. This game-changing acquisition, which sees the integration of Kyndi’s CEO and top AI experts into the Qlik team, marks a significant stride in Qlik’s mission to offer comprehensive answers from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Qlik’s latest move into unstructured data processing is set to transform how organizations interpret and utilize their growing data pools. By harmonizing Kyndi’s cutting-edge technologies with Qlik Cloud’s prowess in structured data, the acquisition establishes Qlik as a transformative force in the market. “This acquisition is a cornerstone in Qlik’s AI journey. Merging Kyndi’s innovative approach to unstructured data with our robust analytics will unlock deeper, actionable insights for our customers,” stated James Fisher, Qlik’s Chief Strategy Officer.Ryan Welsh, Founder and CEO of Kyndi, shared his enthusiasm, “Joining forces with Qlik is a thrilling step forward. Our innovations, combined with Qlik’s AI capabilities, will redefine how structured and unstructured data coalesce, offering unprecedented insights for informed decision-making across various business contexts.”The move is highly anticipated by industry leaders, including Nathan Hoover, Innovations Supervisor at UPS, who remarked, “Qlik’s evolving AI portfolio showcases their commitment to innovation, aligning perfectly with UPS’s use of advanced technology for business transformation.”Analysts like Mike Leone from Enterprise Strategy Group lauded the acquisition, noting, “Qlik’s bold step of integrating Kyndi’s assets reaffirms its commitment to AI in decision intelligence. This positions Qlik to lead the surge in unstructured data analysis, enabling its customers to harness deeper insights.”The acquisition aligns with the rising demand for comprehensive analysis of the burgeoning volume of unstructured data in the business world. By incorporating Kyndi’s technology into its cloud solutions, Qlik is not only enriching decision intelligence but also enhancing the management and curation of enterprise data with improved context and relevance.The integration of Kyndi’s technology into Qlik’s suite marks a new era in decision intelligence, fostering trust and consistency in data management while maintaining high governance and security standards.Anticipation is building for the future product announcements to be made at Qlik Connect in Orlando, Florida, highlighting the continuous innovation and leadership of Qlik in the realm of Generative AI.

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