Experience Lightning-Fast Analytics with Vertica

Join Analytics India Magazine and Vertica as they present an enthralling on-demand webinar, unveiling the secrets behind accelerating analytics performance through the power of the VERTICA Datawarehouse platform.

Expert Insights:

  1. Ravi Gupta – The Sr. Solution Architect at Vertica with an impressive 18-year track record in data warehousing, databases, and analytics, takes the lead in the webinar. His industry-wide experience across telecom, banking, insurance, and e-commerce brings invaluable insights to the table.
  2. Hemendhira Muralidharan – The Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vertica, boasts over a decade of expertise in product marketing and sales. His specialization in content creation, sales enablement, social media marketing, market intelligence, competitor analysis, and win/loss research empowers the sales force.

Webinar Highlights:

  • An insightful introduction to Vertica
  • Exploring Vertica’s SaaS offering on AWS
  • Unveiling the latest features of Vertica 11 New Release
  • Delving into Vertica Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning at Scale
  • Discovering the benefits of Vertica Eon Mode

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