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Unlocking the Secrets of Data Analytics in Pharma: A Podcast with Arvind Balasundaram of Regeneron Pharma

Explore the intricacies of data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry with Arvind Balasundaram, as hosted by Bhasker Gupta on Analytics India Magazine's podcast.

In a recent episode of a podcast hosted by Bhasker Gupta, Founder & CEO of Analytics India Magazine, listeners were treated to an in-depth discussion on the role of data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. The guest, Arvind Balasundaram, serves as the Executive Director of Commercial Insights and Analytics at Regeneron Pharma. The podcast, a treasure trove of insights and information, covered a range of topics from data continuity challenges to the transformative role of analytics in healthcare.

The Transformative Role of Analytics

Arvind Balasundaram began the discussion by highlighting the transformative role that analytics plays in the pharmaceutical industry. He emphasized that data analytics is not just about crunching numbers; it’s about deriving actionable insights that can lead to better patient outcomes. Whether it’s in drug discovery, clinical trials, or market access strategies, analytics provides the tools to make more informed decisions.

Data Continuity Challenges

One of the key challenges discussed was the issue of data continuity. In an industry where long-term studies and clinical trials are the norm, maintaining data integrity over extended periods is crucial. Balasundaram pointed out that advanced analytics tools and machine learning algorithms are increasingly being used to ensure data continuity and integrity.

Ethical Considerations

The conversation also touched upon the ethical considerations that come with the use of data analytics in healthcare. Balasundaram stressed the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality and ensuring that data is used responsibly. He mentioned that ethical considerations are not just a regulatory requirement but a moral obligation for companies involved in healthcare.

Innovations in Data Analytics

The podcast delved into some of the cutting-edge innovations happening in the field of data analytics in pharma. From the use of AI in drug discovery to the application of machine learning in personalized medicine, the scope for innovation is vast. Balasundaram also highlighted some of the projects that Regeneron Pharma is currently involved in, providing listeners with a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The Future of Data-Driven Healthcare

Looking ahead, both Gupta and Balasundaram were optimistic about the future of data-driven healthcare. They discussed the potential for analytics to revolutionize healthcare delivery, from predictive modeling for patient outcomes to real-time monitoring using IoT devices. The future, they agreed, is one where data analytics and healthcare go hand in hand.


The podcast hosted by Bhasker Gupta offered a comprehensive look into the world of data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. Arvind Balasundaram provided valuable insights into the challenges, ethical considerations, and future prospects of this rapidly evolving field. For anyone interested in the intersection of data analytics and healthcare, this podcast is a must-listen.

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