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Xage Unveils AI-Powered Insights for Enhanced Zero Trust Security

Xage's latest offerings, Xage Insights and Xena, represent a significant leap forward in empowering cybersecurity teams to swiftly and effectively implement and refine preventative zero trust policies.

In response to the escalating threat landscape and the widening cybersecurity talent gap, Xage Security, a prominent player in zero trust access and protection, has introduced groundbreaking AI-powered analytics and insight capabilities. These innovations aim to revolutionize how organizations fortify their defenses against cyber threats.

Geoffrey Mattson, CEO of Xage Security, underscored the urgency of bolstering cybersecurity measures, stating, “The imperative to prevent attacks on our critical infrastructure, governments, and enterprises is evident. Every day we hear warnings that the adversarial climate is getting worse, yet the rate of change to protect these systems on which we all rely is excruciatingly slow.”

Xage’s latest offerings, Xage Insights and Xena, represent a significant leap forward in empowering cybersecurity teams to swiftly and effectively implement and refine preventative zero trust policies. These capabilities leverage AI to derive actionable insights from user-activity data, providing security administrators and operators with enhanced visibility and control.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

Xage Insights, a data visualization and analytics engine, provides organizations with real-time situational awareness across their IT, OT, and cloud environments. By tracking interactions by identity, type, and geography, Xage Insights enables security teams to prioritize suspicious behavior for further investigation.

According to Xage Security, this capability equips administrators and operators with the ability to ask detailed questions about their environment and security posture, facilitating a faster understanding of potential threats.

Swift Response and Mitigation

Armed with rich insights from Xage Insights, cybersecurity teams can shorten response times and mitigate risks more effectively. The platform offers recommendations for response and mitigation, including refined policies and recommended actions. This proactive approach enables organizations to thwart emerging threats before they escalate.

Continuous Improvement

Xage’s AI co-pilot, Xena, transforms how teams interact with their data. By offering insights about emerging threats and providing remediation guidance, Xena facilitates continuous improvement in an organization’s security posture. The platform’s multi-layer deployment ensures access to rich, granular data, enabling precise insights and tailored recommendations.

Availability and Impact

Xage Insights is set to be available in May 2024, followed by the beta version of Xena AI co-pilot in June 2024. These enhancements represent more than just tools; they are strategic partners in the ongoing battle to secure digital assets and maintain trust in a rapidly evolving cyber landscape.

In conclusion, Xage Security’s AI-powered analytics and insight capabilities promise to redefine how organizations approach cybersecurity, offering a proactive defense against emerging threats. As cyber attacks continue to evolve in sophistication, solutions like Xage Insights and Xena are crucial for staying ahead of the curve.

About Xage Security

Xage Security is a global leader in zero trust access and protection, dedicated to pioneering a secure tomorrow. Their Xage Fabric Platform empowers organizations to control access and prevent attacks across diverse environments, from the cloud to remote operational edges. With easy deployment and robust security measures, Xage ensures users have secure access to assets while thwarting advanced adversaries and insider threats.

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