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Meet the Women-Led AI Startups Transforming Tech in U.S

Female-led enterprises are not just contributing to economic diversity; they are at the forefront of driving technological advancements across various industries, including the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

Women-led startups are carving out significant spaces for innovation and growth. In 2023, female founders increased their share of US venture capital (VC) funding to an unprecedented level. According to the “US All In: Female Founders in the VC Ecosystem” report,  women founders and co-founders secured 27.8% of the total deal value in VC funding. 

Even when excluding OpenAI’s significant $10.0 billion raise, this figure remains impressively high at 22.8%, marking a record achievement. However, despite these gains, the total number of deals involving female founders fell by 25%, reflecting broader trends in the venture market downturn.

This rise in funding share, coupled with a slight increase in the share of female check writers at major VC firms to 17.4%, underscores a growing recognition and support for women in the highly competitive tech sector. Female-led enterprises are not just contributing to economic diversity; they are at the forefront of driving technological advancements across various industries, including the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

Women-Led AI Startups in the US

Here are some innovative AI startups led by women who are making waves in different areas of the industry: 

Founded by Nancy Xu, is a startup based in Menlo Park, California, that’s shaking up the hiring process with its AI-driven platform. The company uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to streamline hiring by automating the search, screening, and communication with candidates. By accurately matching job seekers with positions that fit their skills, experience, and preferences, is making it easier for companies to find the right talent quickly and efficiently.


Co-founded by Jessica Powell, Audioshake is an innovative San Francisco-based company that is transforming the music industry with its AI technology. Their platform leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to deconstruct music tracks into their individual components, such as vocals, drums, and other instruments. This breakthrough allows music professionals to craft new mixes, enhance remastering techniques, and discover fresh sound design opportunities. 


Founded by Tiffany Ricks, HacWare is a New York-based cybersecurity company that specializes in safeguarding businesses against email threats and phishing attacks. Leveraging AI technology, HacWare’s platform not only simulates phishing threats to prepare users for real attacks but also provides robust detection capabilities. Beyond just protection, the company emphasizes the importance of education with comprehensive training programs designed to foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness within organizations.


Founded by Olivia Ramos, Deepblocks is a Miami-based proptech startup revolutionizing the real estate industry with its AI-driven software. The platform simplifies the site feasibility process by integrating market trends and zoning data, empowering developers and investors to make informed, data-driven decisions. With its advanced algorithms, Deepblocks allows users to explore various development scenarios and assess potential risks efficiently.


Founded by Bora Chang, KelaHealth is a healthcare technology company based in San Francisco, CA. The company’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer personalized surgical risk predictions and recommendations. This innovative approach assists healthcare providers in improving patient outcomes and minimizing complications, making surgeries safer and more effective.


Co-founded by Bessie Schwarz and Beth Tellman, Floodbase, is a New York-based company dedicated to enhancing flood management through real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Their platform offers insurance carriers precise flood risk assessments, early warning systems, and data-driven insights to optimize flood management strategies. Additionally, customers use Floodbase’s detailed flood data to develop and price parametric flood insurance policies effectively.

Lily AI

Co-founded by Purva Gupta and Sowmiya Chocka Narayanan, Lily AI  is changing the way we shop online from its headquarters in Mountain View, CA. The company focuses on making online shopping more personal and responsive by offering tailored product recommendations. By using advanced technology that learns from data about product details and shopper preferences, Lily AI helps retailers create a shopping experience that feels uniquely personal for each customer.

As we reflect on the rise of women-led startups in America, it’s clear that these entrepreneurs are not just participating in the tech and business sectors—they are leading and reshaping them. From revolutionizing the hiring process to transforming music production and enhancing cybersecurity, companies. This surge in female-led ventures, supported by increasing venture capital funding, underscores a significant shift towards a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape. While challenges remain, particularly in the consistency of funding and deal numbers, the impact of these visionary women is profound and far-reaching. 

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