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Hansa Cequity: The Gold Standard for Data Scientists in India

Hansa Cequity has been officially certified as the Best Firm For Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine (AIM), a recognition that speaks volumes about the company's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence.

Hansa Cequity has been officially certified as the Best Firm For Data Scientists by Analytics India Magazine (AIM), a recognition that speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence. This certification is part of AIM’s workplace recognition program, which identifies and honors organizations with outstanding company cultures in the analytics industry.

A Robust Hiring and Appraisal Process

Hansa Cequity’s hiring process for its Data Science and Analytics team is meticulously designed, involving a cross-functional panel from data science, business, and HR teams. The company assesses candidates based on aptitude, technical proficiency, and attitude. Salaries are determined through a multi-faceted approach, considering factors like role, past experience, industry benchmarks, and internal parity.

The company also has a robust annual Performance Management System (PMS) that includes goal-setting, interim performance reviews, and final evaluations. This comprehensive appraisal process aims to assess both the performance and potential of employees, providing a roadmap for their career aspirations.

Comprehensive Flexi-Benefits

Hansa Cequity offers a wide array of benefits to its employees, including Group Life Insurance, Company Group Insurance schemes, tax benefit plans, and travel & food reimbursements. These benefits are not just perks but a testament to the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Employees at Hansa Cequity have access to high-compute power systems and a suite of application tools like Python, R, and R Studio. The company also provides cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP, along with visualization products like Tableau, Power BI, and Google Analytics. This tools-agnostic approach encourages employees to work across a diverse range of technologies.

Continuous Learning and Development

Hansa Cequity has partnered with Future Skills at NASSCOM to offer multiple courses to its employees at zero cost. In addition, the company encourages upskilling through other Ed-tech platforms and conducts periodic training sessions across various areas like database management, data science, and visualization. Their Knowledge Café sessions, conducted by subject matter experts, have invested approximately 3300 man-hours in developing capabilities and fostering a cultivated learning culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

With a diversity mix of 31%, Hansa Cequity practices a zero-discrimination policy in all aspects of employment. The company’s leadership team comprises 16% female employees, and nearly 22% of female employees have been with the company for more than three years. Hansa Cequity also has a POSH policy in place and celebrates both International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day to honor the contributions of all its employees.


The certification by Analytics India Magazine is a significant acknowledgment of Hansa Cequity’s efforts to be thought leaders in the customer analytics space. “We are delighted to receive this recognition as it validates our continuous efforts to innovate and add business value to our clients,” said Neeraj Pratap, CEO at Hansa Cequity.

In a sector where attracting top talent is a pressing challenge, Hansa Cequity stands out as a beacon, setting the ‘Gold Standard’ for what a workplace in the data science field should aspire to be. With its robust hiring processes, comprehensive benefits, cutting-edge tools, and a focus on continuous learning and diversity, Hansa Cequity is undoubtedly the best place for data scientists to grow and thrive.

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