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AI and Arts: 7 companies Shaping Creative Industries

This expansion isn't only monetary; it also shows how AI is becoming accepted and incorporated into creative processes more widely, from AI-generated music and art to AI-assisted design and content production

A revolutionary age in the creative industries has begun with the introduction of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), which has completely changed the field of art, music, literature, and design. The capacity of AI to produce original ideas and content from learnt data has led to a technological revolution that has broadened the definition of creativity and established a new standard for the creation and consumption of creative works. The creative industries have seen a dramatic transformation with the advent of Gen AI, with AI-driven breakthroughs enabling previously unheard-of levels of efficiency, personalisation, and experimentation.

The significant influence of Gen AI on the creative industries is demonstrated by statistics. For example, the market for generative AI globally, which includes applications in the creative sectors, is expected to grow at a quick rate and attract $3.7 billion by early 2024. Additionally, the creative economy—which is supported by digital platforms and AI technologies—is currently valued at around $14 billion annually, indicating the potential for growth and economic potential provided by Gen AI. This expansion isn’t only monetary; it also shows how AI is becoming accepted and incorporated into creative processes more widely, from AI-generated music and art to AI-assisted design and content production.

In this article, we examine seven businesses that are leading the way in incorporating Gen AI into the creative industry. We also highlight their accomplishments and the ways in which they are modernising design, music, literature, and the arts for the digital era.

1. Runway

CEO: Cristóbal Valenzuela

Focus: Runway is transforming video production by leveraging its advanced generative AI models, Gen-1 and Gen-2. These models enable the creation of videos from text or existing video inputs, making professional-grade video production accessible to a broader audience. Runway’s technology is particularly revolutionary in its ability to automate and enhance the creative process for filmmakers, content creators, and marketers, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional video production methods

2. Synthesia

CEO: Victor Riparbelli

Focus: Synthesia is at the forefront of AI-driven video production, specializing in creating synthetic videos from text inputs. This technology allows users to generate video content quickly and efficiently, using AI avatars and supporting multiple languages. Synthesia’s platform is designed to democratize video production, making it accessible to users without traditional video production skills and significantly lowering the barriers to creating engaging video content for educational, marketing, and corporate communications purposes

3. Boomy

CEO: Alex Jae Mitchell

Focus: Boomy is an AI-powered music creation platform that enables users to create and monetize music instantly. With no musical experience required, users can generate songs using AI algorithms and distribute them across various platforms. Boomy’s technology is designed to democratize music production, allowing anyone to become a music creator and potentially disrupt the traditional music industry by providing tools that simplify the song creation process

4. Humata AI

Founders: Cyrus Khajvandi and Dan Rasmuson

Focus: Humata AI offers a powerful AI-driven tool for document analysis. It functions like a chatbot for files, enabling rapid analysis and insight extraction from complex documents. This technology is particularly beneficial for professionals like legal experts, researchers, and business executives who need to process large volumes of information efficiently. Humata AI enhances productivity by providing quick summaries, detailed reports, and specific answers to questions about document contents, all powered by advanced natural language processing techniques

5. Descript

Founder: Andrew Mason

Focus: Descript is revolutionizing audio and video editing with its generative AI technology. The platform offers advanced speech recognition and allows users to edit audio as easily as text. Descript’s Overdub feature can clone voices ethically, enabling users to create realistic audio from text, which is particularly useful for podcasters and video creators looking to streamline their production processes.

6. AssemblyAI

Founder: Dylan Fox

Focus: Specializing in speech recognition and analysis, AssemblyAI provides robust transcription services that are highly accurate. This technology is crucial for developers and enterprises looking to integrate advanced AI-driven speech recognition into their applications, enhancing accessibility and user interaction across various digital platforms.


Founders: Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas

Focus: is focused on generating interactive AI-driven characters for creative writing and digital interactions. This platform allows users to create characters that can converse and interact in a realistic manner, which can be integrated into games, storytelling platforms, and other digital media to enhance user engagement and create immersive experiences

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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