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The Kraft Heinz Company Welcomes Hema Yalamanchi as Global Chief Data Officer, Aiming for Data-Driven Excellence

Hema Yalamanchi steps in as the Global Chief Data Officer at The Kraft Heinz Company, marking a pivotal stride towards fostering a data-driven culture and operational excellence.

In a significant leadership movement, The Kraft Heinz Company has ushered in a new era of data-centric strategy with the appointment of Hema Yalamanchi as the Global Chief Data Officer. Yalamanchi, who assumed her role in August 2023, brings to the table an exquisite blend of expertise in Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Digital Products.

With a rich legacy of 18 years in leading and executing technology solutions across various industries, Yalamanchi is recognized for her ability to quickly grasp new business domains, identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that drive both top line growth and bottom line improvements for organizations. Her journey to the helm of data leadership at The Kraft Heinz Company is lauded by industry experts as a strategic move towards fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making and innovation within the organization.

Prior to her current role, Yalamanchi served as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Oceaneering, where she was instrumental in establishing the Enterprise Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Data Architecture frameworks from the ground up. Her efforts were pivotal in leading the transformation to a modern data landscape that facilitated Data Democratization and Enterprise Functions Modernization, yielding over 5% improvements in certain functions by preventing revenue leakages and reducing costs.

Her stint at ONE Gas as a Senior Enterprise Information Architect and at Wipro Consulting as a Program Manager underscored her adeptness in developing enterprise architecture solutions and leading multiple enterprise initiatives within diverse sectors including Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Finance, and Retail. Yalamanchi’s prowess in managing large portfolios, aligning business and technology strategies, and delivering global projects resonates through her impressive track record.

An alumnus of Oregon State University and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Yalamanchi’s educational background in Computer Science & Engineering has evidently provided a strong foundation for her illustrious career. Her remarkable journey also reflects a continuous ascent in mastering the realms of data management and analytical strategies.

As The Kraft Heinz Company ventures into new horizons of data analytics and digital transformation under Yalamanchi’s stewardship, the industry is keenly watching. Her appointment is not just a testament to her individual prowess, but also a reflection of the growing emphasis on leveraging data as a strategic asset in the competitive business landscape.

With a results-driven and execution-focused leader like Yalamanchi at the helm, the roadmap towards achieving operational excellence and deriving actionable insights from data assets seems more promising than ever for The Kraft Heinz Company.

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