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Eric Chung Assumes Vice President Role in AI Computing at NVIDIA

NVIDIA, a pioneering force in AI technology and computing, proudly announced the appointment of Eric Chung as the Vice President of AI Computing.

NVIDIA, a pioneering force in AI technology and computing, proudly announced the appointment of Eric Chung as the Vice President of AI Computing. Chung’s exceptional career spans over a decade, marked by influential contributions to AI workloads, algorithms, accelerators, and large-scale systems, making him a significant asset to NVIDIA’s leadership team.

Architecting Microsoft’s AI Silicon

Chung’s journey commenced at Microsoft, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of AI silicon architecture. He notably led the foundational team behind Microsoft’s first-gen AI silicon, the Maia 100 accelerator. Under his visionary guidance, the team developed groundbreaking strategies for narrow- and mixed-precision training, culminating in the creation of essential intellectual property crucial to AI advancements.

Guiding AI Supercomputing for Azure

His illustrious tenure at Microsoft Azure saw him at the helm of the pathfinding organization for AI supercomputing. Chung’s strategic acumen drove the development of end-to-end infrastructure roadmaps meticulously crafted to meet the hyper-scale demands of generative pretraining and inferencing. Notably, his leadership was instrumental in co-founding the MX consortium, an initiative fostering the open-source release and ecosystem of narrow-precision AI data types, garnering collaborative efforts from major industry partners.

Pioneering Transformative Initiatives

Throughout his career, Chung spearheaded transformative initiatives, such as leading a significant shift within Project Catapult at Microsoft. He steered the creation of Project Brainwave for Deep Learning, achieving unprecedented performance levels in state-of-the-art production models. Additionally, Chung’s expertise in pioneering FPGA usage as datacenter accelerators significantly influenced industry advancements, impacting major acquisitions in the field.

Expertise and Vision for NVIDIA

Chung’s profound expertise encompasses AI supercomputing, computer architecture, and the symbiosis of AI/ML co-design, positioning him as a pivotal addition to NVIDIA’s accomplished team. His appointment heralds an exciting chapter for NVIDIA’s AI computing division, promising groundbreaking advancements in the evolving realm of AI infrastructure and innovation.

Charting the Future of AI Computing

Eric Chung’s appointment underscores NVIDIA’s unwavering commitment to driving AI innovations. His visionary leadership is poised to steer NVIDIA’s AI computing division toward transformative breakthroughs, charting a new trajectory in the evolution of AI computing. With Chung at the helm, NVIDIA is set to redefine the boundaries of AI technology, empowering future AI advancements and innovations.

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