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Accenture Appoints Arnab Chakraborty as Chief Responsible AI Officer

“Thrilled to share that Accenture is taking groundbreaking steps to ensure responsible AI adoption. As part of this initiative, I am extremely honored to be named Accenture’s first Chief Responsible AI Officer and lead our exceptional team”, said Arnab Chakraborty.

Accenture is reinforcing its commitment to responsible AI by appointing Arnab Chakraborty as the company’s first Chief Responsible AI Officer. This strategic move aims to bolster Accenture’s capability to design, implement, scale, and monitor AI systems responsibly, helping clients across various industries drive value and growth.

With over two decades of expertise in data and AI, Chakraborty brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He holds ten patents in machine learning solutions for business challenges and has been instrumental in shaping AI governance frameworks as a member of the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance and the US Senate AI Insight Forum. His appointment is effective immediately.

“Thrilled to share that Accenture is taking groundbreaking steps to ensure responsible AI adoption. As part of this initiative, I am extremely honored to be named Accenture’s first Chief Responsible AI Officer and lead our exceptional team”, Arnab Chakraborty expressed his excitement on his LinkedIn post.

Julie Sweet, Accenture’s chair and CEO, emphasized the importance of responsible AI in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. “Clients are eager to embrace the potential of generative AI, and we are ready to help them build responsible AI into every use. We do this for ourselves, and we can use that example to help our clients find success faster,” said Sweet. “Our focus is to enable our clients to innovate AI safely and be ready to seize the opportunities that AI will bring in the decades ahead.”

Accenture’s new initiative comes at a crucial time when AI technology, regulation, and business adoption are advancing at an unprecedented pace. To address the unique challenges and implications of this acceleration, the company is expanding its responsible AI capabilities, solutions, platforms, ecosystem partnerships, and thought leadership. This comprehensive expansion includes enhancing advisory and technology services to help companies establish policies, principles, and standards, and implementing these through robust risk assessments and testing frameworks. 

Additionally, Accenture is focused on navigating evolving regulatory landscapes such as the EU AI Act. The company is also introducing managed services to monitor AI solutions, systems, and controls, ensuring compliance with fast-changing regulations. Investment in capabilities is another key aspect, particularly in generative AI testing, ongoing compliance, regulation management, and security, with efforts being scaled through collaborations with ecosystem partners. Furthermore, Accenture is prioritizing education and empowerment by offering responsible AI academies for its employees and clients, including top leadership and boards of directors.

Accenture has a long history of leading with responsible AI. Since embedding commitments to responsible AI in its Code of Business Ethics in 2017, the company has continuously evolved its practices. In 2022, Accenture launched an enterprise-wide responsible AI program, tracking AI usage, assessing risks, and implementing mitigation strategies. This program also includes post-deployment monitoring and improving responsible AI literacy through extensive training programs.

Chakraborty acknowledges the gap between the recognition of responsible AI principles and their practical implementation. “Leaders acknowledge the importance of responsible AI principles, but there is a gap in their practical implementation—our research shows that only 2% of companies have fully operationalized responsible AI across their organizations,” he said. “Accenture will pave the way to help our clients establish and embed responsible AI, closing the gap between principles and action.”

By appointing a dedicated Chief Responsible AI Officer and expanding its responsible AI initiatives, Accenture is set to lead the way in helping organizations innovate with AI responsibly, ensuring that the technology’s potential is harnessed safely and ethically.

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