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Abhi Seth Joins Boeing as Chief Data & Analytics Officer: A Visionary Leader in the World of Data and Analytics

Abhi Seth, renowned for his passion and innovative approach, is a strategic thought leader and data evangelist.

Boeing, a global leader in aerospace, has announced the appointment of Abhi Seth as its new Chief Data & Analytics Officer. With a distinguished career marked by innovation and strategic leadership, Seth’s move to Boeing signifies the company’s commitment to harnessing the power of data and AI in reshaping the future of aerospace.

Abhi Seth, renowned for his passion and innovative approach, is a strategic thought leader and data evangelist. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to build high-performing teams and address complex challenges. His focus on transitioning the conversation from Analytics Technology to Analytics ROI in multinational enterprises has been pivotal in enabling business priorities through big data.

A Glimpse into Seth’s Illustrious Career

TE Connectivity: Before joining Boeing, Seth led a global data & analytics team for TE Connectivity, a $15B global industrial giant. His tenure at TE was marked by numerous achievements, and he played a crucial role in leading analytics monetization across various industries in the US and Asia Pacific. His roles spanned analytics, business strategy, technology, and innovation.

Honeywell: At Honeywell Aerospace, Seth created an analytics center of excellence, delivering significant value and ROI. His leadership facilitated executive training sessions that elevated analytics awareness within the C-Suite.

Caterpillar Inc.: At Caterpillar, Seth managed the product strategy for a $6B+ excavator product lineup. He optimized worldwide distribution for excavator products, delivering substantial profit increments.

Seth holds a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction & Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Technology from Iowa State University. His academic and professional achievements have been recognized with several awards, including the 2018 ANNY – Excellence in Analytics Award by the International Institute of Analytics and the 2011 Young Engineer of the Year Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Beyond his professional accolades, Seth is a nature enthusiast and a passionate landscape photographer.

A New Chapter at Boeing

In a recent statement, Seth expressed his enthusiasm about his new role, stating, “Really excited to be joining Boeing as Chief Data & Analytics Officer. Boeing is a company I have admired for many years. Thrilled to be back in Aerospace & look forward to working with the incredibly talented team & shaping the Data & AI future.”

Reflecting on his journey at TE, Seth shared, “Having concluded an extraordinary four-year journey at TE, my final day was yesterday. Our collective achievements during this time are numerous, filling me with immense pride. The aspect I am most proud of is the team that we built together. I extend my gratitude to TE’s leadership team for their invaluable support and for entrusting both myself and the team with the task of challenging conventional norms, thereby exponentially growing the value created by data and analytics. Really excited for my next adventure.”

In Conclusion

Abhi Seth’s appointment at Boeing is more than just a leadership transition; it’s a testament to Boeing’s vision for the future. With Seth at the helm of data and analytics, the aerospace industry is poised for transformative changes driven by data-centric solutions.

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