Close this search box. Introduces First Ever Orchestrator LLM for Seamless, Human-like Customer Conversations continues to lead in the development of specialized LLMs for customer service, including the launch of YellowG LLM and Komodo-7B, Indonesia’s first model for customer support in multiple regional languages, a leading innovator in generative AI for customer service automation, today announced the launch of Orchestrator LLM, an unprecedented agent model that enhances automated customer interactions by intelligently determining the next best action in real-time. This new model boasts a significant advancement in personalized and context-aware conversation capabilities, which have shown to boost customer satisfaction by over 60 per cent.

Traditional chatbots often fail to maintain context or remember past interactions, leading to frustrating and disjointed customer experiences.’s Orchestrator LLM addresses these issues by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to retain interaction history and seamlessly switch contexts, thereby enhancing the user experience significantly.

Features and Benefits of Orchestrator LLM

Orchestrator LLM excels in maintaining conversational context and engaging in nuanced interactions that include handling multiple intents and engaging in small talk. This leads to smoother transitions and more human-like conversations that help guide users effectively towards their goals.

Moreover, Orchestrator LLM is designed for zero-training deployment, drastically reducing operational costs by 60% and increasing agent productivity by 50%. It can make instantaneous decisions about the best conversational or workflow actions to take, such as retrieving data, initiating conversational flows, or escalating to human agents, all while keeping the conversational context intact.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-founder of, emphasized the strategic importance of the new offering. “Orchestrator LLM epitomizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI in customer service. By integrating various AI tools and backend systems, it acts as a powerful orchestration hub, creating more cohesive and tailored customer interactions,” he stated.

Eric Hansen, CIO at Waste Connections, also commented on the impact of this innovation. “Orchestrator LLM has the potential to transform customer service by preemptively addressing customer needs and providing immediate, relevant responses. This capability is crucial for enhancing customer loyalty and operational efficiencies,” Hansen noted.

Ongoing Developments and Future Plans continues to lead in the development of specialized LLMs for customer service, including the launch of YellowG LLM and Komodo-7B, Indonesia’s first model for customer support in multiple regional languages. These models are designed to deliver secure, accurate, and personalized customer interactions with an impressively low hallucination rate and rapid response times.


Founded in 2016, is headquartered in San Mateo and operates globally, serving over 1100 enterprises across 85+ countries. The company has raised over $102 million from prominent investors and continues to innovate in the field of AI-powered customer service solutions. is dedicated to redefining the future of customer service with AI-first strategies that ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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