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TNS Unveils AI Labs to Combat Robocalls and Advance Telecom Technologies

Transaction Network Services (TNS) launches AI Labs, revolutionizing telecommunications with advanced AI to combat robocalls and enhance consumer protection.

Transaction Network Services (TNS), a leader in advanced call analytics and management technologies, has launched an ambitious initiative, AI Labs, designed to harness the power of artificial intelligence for the benefit of carriers and enterprises. This groundbreaking move aims to bolster trust in communications, enhance call traffic analysis through voice biometrics, and shield consumers from the increasing menace of AI voice cloning robocalls.

For over 30 years, TNS’ Communications Market division has been at the forefront of developing pioneering technologies, notably through its flagship product, TNS Call Guardian®. The introduction of AI Labs is a continuation of this legacy of innovation, as TNS seeks to empower its global carrier and enterprise customers with state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Greg Bohl, TNS Communications Market Chief Data Officer, will helm AI Labs. “Hundreds of global carriers and enterprises depend on TNS for innovative technologies that drive superior business outcomes, enhance subscriber experiences, and safeguard consumers,” said Bohl. “The rapid evolution of AI compels us to create a platform where our customers not only benefit from AI advancements but also actively participate in research and application development for immediate and future impacts.”

AI Labs will operate across TNS’ global offices, particularly in the US and India. Dr. Ananth Iyer will lead global AI operations as the Sr. Director, with Dr. Sanjay Saini heading the India operations. Greg Bohl, with over three decades of experience in AI across various industries and start-ups, will oversee the initiative.

Key focus areas for AI Labs include:

  • AI-Powered Voice Biometrics: This real-time AI technology will screen calls by analyzing voice, tone, and diction to distinguish between synthetic robocalls and legitimate calls.
  • Predictive AI-Powered Call Analytics: Enhancing TNS’ Call Guardian platform, AI Labs plans to develop predictive algorithms to analyze daily call events across carrier networks, aiming to decode patterns used by bad actors.
  • Generative AI Demonstrations: Understanding voice replication is crucial to combating AI-enabled scams. AI Labs will offer a unique environment to explore the dual-use nature of generative AI.
  • AI SMS Detection: AI models will be deployed to detect and prevent machine-generated text messages, further augmenting TNS’ spam detection products.

“As advanced robocall scams proliferate, our telecom ecosystem urgently needs continuous research and development to stay ahead of bad actors,” Greg explained. “AI Labs will be pivotal in integrating AI into future robocall prevention strategies, including STIR/SHAKEN, advanced call analytics, and other rigorous enforcement measures to protect consumers.”

AI Labs is also planning a series of demo days, inviting key TNS customers, policymakers, regulators, and other industry stakeholders to observe and experience the AI applications in development. This initiative represents a significant stride in the collective effort to integrate AI into telecommunications, not only as a defense mechanism against fraudulent activities but also as a tool for enhancing the overall communication experience.

With the telecom industry at a crossroads, TNS’ AI Labs stands as a beacon of innovation and a testament to the potential of AI in shaping a more secure, efficient, and trustworthy future in telecommunications.

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