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The First AI Assistant in the Industry Unveiled by Alteryx to Transform Analytical Workflows

The first AI assistant on the market, Alteryx AiDIN Copilot is a product of Alteryx, Inc., a well-known leader in artificial intelligence for corporate analytics.

The first AI assistant on the market, Alteryx AiDIN Copilot is a product of Alteryx, Inc., a well-known leader in artificial intelligence for corporate analytics. Its purpose is to enable users to create analytical workflows with ease. Through enhanced data interaction and process automation, this invention seeks to boost revenue generation and company efficiency.

Through the integration of Google Cloud’s Gemini AI models, Alteryx AiDIN Copilot offers a conversational interface that makes it easier for users to engage with data. Businesses using the Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics, such as Kingfisher and DoorDash, are already benefiting greatly from this connection. Kingfisher has expedited their time to insight by seven times by significantly cutting down on its month-end data consolidation process from two weeks to two days.

Alexander Barr, Senior Manager of Revenue Data at DoorDash, highlighted the platform’s impact: “In today’s challenging economy, we’re tasked with doing more with less. Alteryx helps us leverage the power of data to work more efficiently and support our mission of helping businesses innovate, grow, and reach more customers. We’re excited about how Alteryx AiDIN Copilot’s generative AI capabilities can help us innovate faster, adapt to market changes, and achieve cost-effective growth at scale.”

Regardless of degree of experience, Alteryx AiDIN Copilot aims to increase business users’ problem-solving efficiency. By integrating tools directly into the Alteryx Designer canvas, it expedites the analytics process and reduces the amount of time spent on manual setups. All staff members may utilise AI to make data-driven decisions with this assistant, regardless of their level of technical expertise, by simply speaking with AiDIN Copilot, which provides best-practice solutions to guide the creation of workflows in Alteryx Designer.

The AI assistant also ensures that IT departments operate in a dependable and controlled environment, in line with Alteryx’s Responsible AI Principles. By employing governance elements like Referenceable AI, Private Data Handling, and an Upskilling Programme, IT administrators may effectively democratise the promise of AI.

“Embedding AI into our products enables our customers to be more efficient and deliver high-value insights at unparalleled speed,” said Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Alteryx. “We believe enterprises will gain a competitive edge by leveraging the automation and innovation embedded in Alteryx Designer with AiDIN Copilot, empowering everyone across the business to tackle their most pressing problems with analytics.”

At Alteryx Inspire 2024, the company is showcasing ongoing innovation across its portfolio, including new enterprise readiness capabilities with the Alteryx Designer and Server 24.1 releases, an Auto Insights feature powered by AiDIN, and enhancements that enable customers to create high-value analytics use cases on Playbooks using their own data. Cloud execution for desktop utilising Azure is now available on the platform to expedite your clients’ cloud migration.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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