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TensorOpera and Qualcomm Join Forces to Boost Generative AI Development

AI developers can now access Cloud AI 100 instances on the TensorOpera AI Platform. This integration supports popular generative AI models such as Llama3 by Meta and Stable Diffusion by Stability AI.

TensorOpera, Inc. has announced a strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. This partnership aims to empower AI developers by combining TensorOpera’s robust AI platform with Qualcomm’s advanced Cloud AI 100 inference solutions. The collaboration promises to streamline the development, deployment, and scaling of generative AI applications, providing developers with cutting-edge tools and resources.

The proliferation of powerful open-source foundation models, alongside advancements in AI hardware, has opened new avenues for enterprises ranging from startups to large corporations. These advancements allow companies to develop proprietary generative AI applications, ensuring greater privacy, control, and ownership. However, the journey from concept to production is fraught with challenges, including managing complex AI software stacks, infrastructure, and high computational costs.

TensorOpera’s AI Platform is designed to alleviate these hurdles by offering a comprehensive stack that simplifies generative AI development. Coupled with Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100, which excels in distributed intelligence and boasts industry-leading energy efficiency, the platform promises exceptional performance and cost efficiency. This collaboration is expected to be a game-changer for developers, providing them with an attractive and powerful toolset.

AI developers can now access Cloud AI 100 instances on the TensorOpera AI Platform. This integration supports popular generative AI models such as Llama3 by Meta and Stable Diffusion by Stability AI. Developers can choose from various usage models, including API access, on-demand (pay-as-you-go), or dedicated deployments. The platform also offers capabilities like autoscale, comprehensive endpoint monitoring, optimized job scheduling, and AI agent creation.

Salman Avestimehr, co-founder and CEO of TensorOpera, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to work with Qualcomm Technologies. This collaboration expands the compute options for AI developers on our AI Platform. It aligns with our shared long-term vision of integrated edge-cloud platforms, which we believe will drive widespread adoption of generative AI.” He further mentioned that TensorOpera would soon launch a new foundation model optimized for smartphones and edge devices, enabling the development of powerful AI agents directly on mobile devices—a domain where Qualcomm has made significant investments with its high-performance compute chips.

Rashid Attar, Vice President of Cloud Computing at Qualcomm Technologies, shared similar enthusiasm. “With the explosion of new generative AI models, developers are hungry for easy, effective access to high-performance AI inference for deployment,” he said. “By combining TensorOpera’s AI Platform with Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100, developers now have immediate access to deploy the most popular generative AI models—Llama3, Mistral, SDXL—at the push of a button. We are excited to collaborate with TensorOpera to deliver a high-performance inference platform that offers exceptional value and convenience to developers.”

This technology collaboration marks a significant step toward accelerating generative AI deployment and fostering innovation across various industries. The synergy between TensorOpera’s AI Platform and Qualcomm Technologies’ Cloud AI 100 is poised to drive advancements in AI applications, creating new opportunities for developers and enterprises alike.

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Mansi Singh
Mansi's interest centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI.
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