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TELUS International Launches Fine-Tune Studio to Deliver High-Quality Datasets for Advanced AI Models

Our goal with Fine-Tune Studio is to empower our clients to navigate the evolving landscape of AI with confidence

TELUS International, a global leader in digital customer experience innovation, announced today the debut of Fine-Tune Studio, a pioneering task-execution platform engineered to generate top-tier fine-tuning datasets for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI (GenAI) models. This groundbreaking innovation was unveiled during the 2024 World Summit AI in Montreal, Canada, taking place on April 24-25.

Empowering AI Advancement

Fine-Tune Studio is integrated within TELUS International’s comprehensive AI Data Platform, bolstering the company’s fully-managed GenAI data services accessible to LLM builders and adopters worldwide. Capable of creating high-caliber datasets in over 100 languages, Fine-Tune Studio offers versatility across diverse domains such as STEM, healthcare, finance, law, and coding. The platform supports a range of labeling tasks, from text to audio, image, and video, facilitating supervised fine-tuning, reinforcement learning through human feedback, direct preference optimization, and red teaming.

“As AI becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of training datasets is paramount,” emphasized Siddharth Mall, Vice President of Product for TELUS International AI Data Solutions. “Fine-Tune Studio represents a significant stride in our commitment to providing meticulously vetted data, enhancing our clients’ model performance, adaptability, and safety.”

Unprecedented Accuracy and Efficiency

Fine-Tune Studio boasts native AI integrations including real-time plagiarism detection, tone analysis, and spelling and grammar checks, elevating output accuracy while streamlining task completion. Configurable task and quality assurance workflows empower clients to tailor quality control processes, optimizing project management efficiency.

“Our goal with Fine-Tune Studio is to empower our clients to navigate the evolving landscape of AI with confidence,” noted Mall. “By leveraging expertly-curated datasets and cutting-edge technology, we’re fostering a future where AI augments human potential with precision and ethical integrity.”

Harnessing Expertise with Experts Engine

Acknowledging the escalating demand for industry-specific training datasets, TELUS International’s Fine-Tune Studio collaborates seamlessly with Experts Engine, a proprietary feature of its AI Data Platform. Experts Engine matches tasks with best-fit experts from TELUS International’s global crowdsourced AI community of over one million contributors. This diverse pool includes linguists, researchers, coders, doctors, and specialists across various domains, ensuring the creation of comprehensive and accurate datasets vital for effective AI training.

“With a steadfast commitment to data integrity, we’re empowering our clients to harness the transformative potential of AI while upholding ethical and regulatory standards,” concluded Mall.

About TELUS International

TELUS International is a leading provider of end-to-end digital solutions designed to enhance customer experience for global brands. With services spanning digital strategy, innovation, IT lifecycle, intelligent automation, and AI data solutions, TELUS International partners with brands across high-growth industry verticals to accelerate digital transformation and deliver superior business outcomes. Committed to diversity, inclusivity, and community impact, TELUS International fosters a unique caring culture that extends across its global operations.

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