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S&P Global Introduces Generative AI Search on Marketplace

S&P Global has introduced an innovative addition to its platform: Generative AI Search on the S&P Global Marketplace.

S&P Global has introduced an innovative addition to its platform: Generative AI Search on the S&P Global Marketplace.

Streamlining Data Discovery with AI

The new AI-enabled search feature on the S&P Global Marketplace aims to simplify and enhance the process of discovering S&P Global’s offerings. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform responds to users’ natural language queries with detailed answers, making the search experience more intuitive and efficient. Moreover, it proactively recommends other relevant data sets and services, thereby broadening users’ perspectives.

Revolutionizing Customer Interaction

Bhavesh Dayalji, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at S&P Global and Chief Executive Officer of Kensho, expressed excitement about the new offering, highlighting its potential to transform customer interaction with data assets and solutions. He emphasized the company’s commitment to accelerating AI adoption across its operations to better serve customers and integrate services into their workflows seamlessly. Dayalji stated, “This exciting new offering on Marketplace is another example of how S&P Global is accelerating the adoption of AI across the company with the purpose of transforming how our customers interact with our data assets and solutions and integrate our services into their workflows using AI.”

Collaborative Development

The Generative AI search engine, powered by a Large Language Model (LLM), is the result of collaboration between Market Intelligence and Kensho. By combining Kensho’s Generative AI capabilities with the rich information and metadata on the Marketplace, the platform offers an innovative search experience tailored to users’ needs.

Continued Innovation

Justine Iverson, Head of S&P Global Marketplace and Capital IQ Solutions Strategy, underscored the importance of meeting clients’ evolving needs. She highlighted the platform’s ability to cater to users at various stages of their discovery journey, from initial research to technical understanding, through the innovative search experience. Iverson commented, “As data and solution demands increase, we saw a compelling opportunity to combine Kensho’s Generative AI capabilities with the S&P Global Marketplace. Our clients now benefit from an innovative search experience that meets them where they are on their discovery journey — whether it’s initial research to a more technical understanding of our offerings.”

Building on AI Advancements

S&P Global has been leveraging cutting-edge AI techniques since acquiring Kensho in 2018. The introduction of Generative AI search on Marketplace is the latest enhancement powered by Kensho, following other AI-enabled solutions like Scribe, NERD, Classify, Extract, and Link. This initiative underscores S&P Global’s commitment to providing customers with advanced tools to unlock deeper insights quickly and efficiently.

About S&P Global

S&P Global Market Intelligence delivers unrivaled insights and leading data and technology solutions, helping customers expand their perspective, operate with confidence, and make decisions with conviction. As a division of S&P Global, it is part of the world’s foremost provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and workflow solutions in global markets.

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