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Reveal Launches ‘Ask’: A Game-Changing Generative AI Tool for the Legal Sector

Reveal's 'Ask' is set to redefine the legal landscape, offering an unprecedented level of efficiency and insight in legal data analysis. This launch marks a new chapter in the integration of AI in the legal sector, demonstrating Reveal's commitment to innovative and practical AI solutions.

Reveal, a global leader in AI-powered eDiscovery, review, and investigations, has announced an innovative addition to its technological arsenal: ‘Ask’. This new Generative AI (Gen AI) feature, tailored specifically for legal professionals, is set to transform the way lawyers interact with data using natural language.

Revolutionizing Legal Data Interaction with ‘Ask’

Available from Q1 2024, ‘Ask’ is a groundbreaking development in the legal tech landscape. It enables legal practitioners to navigate case documents effortlessly through simple, intuitive natural language queries. This tool goes beyond providing answers; it cites reliable sources for quick verification, seamlessly integrating into existing legal workflows on Reveal’s platform. The result? A substantial boost in data analysis efficiency, making knowledge more accessible and actionable for lawyers.

A Decade of AI Innovation Tailored for Legal Needs

Wendell Jisa, the founder & CEO of Reveal, emphasized the company’s long-standing commitment to AI innovation in the legal sector. “For over a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of lawyer-inspired AI solutions. With ‘Ask’, we continue to redefine legal professionals’ interaction with Generative AI,” said Jisa. ‘Ask’ is not just an addition to Reveal’s suite of tools; it is a manifestation of their commitment to developing technology that resonates with lawyers’ needs and preferences.

Key Features That Set ‘Ask’ Apart

  • Purposeful Generative AI for Legal: Designed specifically for legal practitioners, enabling them to interact with data using natural language for quick and precise answers.
  • Augmented Decision Making: Enhances legal decision-making with rich, contextualized information for more intuitive case analysis.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: A design-driven approach focusing on lawyers’ needs, providing a refreshing and efficient user experience.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency: Easily adaptable to the latest LLM advancements and seamlessly woven into Reveal’s powerful AI-powered eDiscovery platform.
  • Responsible and Secure: Adheres to Reveal’s AI Pledge, focusing on trustworthiness, knowledge, and security.
  • Partnership with AWS: Ensures robustness and scalability, meeting the demands of enterprise-level operations.

Experience the Future of Legal AI with ‘Ask’

Reveal invites legal professionals to experience ‘Ask’ during LegalWeek in New York from Jan. 29 – Feb. 2, or by contacting their legal AI experts. This tool represents not just a technological advancement, but a new era in legal analysis and decision-making.

About Reveal

Reveal is at the forefront of document review technology, combining technology and human expertise to transform data into actionable insights. Serving law firms, corporations, government agencies, and intelligence services, Reveal’s patented AI technology is a game-changer in the eDiscovery process.

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