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Observe.AI Introduces Gen AI for Deeper Contact Center Insights

The Silicon Valley startup claims the product updates will allow contact centers to more effectively analyze the context and nuance within interactions - aspects that have traditionally proved challenging for conversational AI.

Silicon Valley startup Observe.AI has unveiled new generative AI capabilities that promise to transform how contact centers extract insights from customer conversations to drive better business outcomes. The artificial intelligence company’s latest product updates allow its platform to go beyond just detecting keywords and phrases to interpret more complex reasoning and subjective aspects of interactions.

While previous approaches to conversation intelligence relied heavily on detecting keywords and phrases to extract narrow insights, Observe.AI’s new release aims to tackle more complex analysis. By applying large language models, the platform can now interpret nuanced reasoning, sentiment, and subjective elements within conversations.

“Our enterprise customers have spent decades building their reputations and aren’t willing to invest in unproven technologies that miss critical insights or require tedious implementations that stall and fail. Observe.AI is empowering contact centers to derive accurate conversation insights that enhance real-time agent guidance, call summarization, Auto QA, and business analytics,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI. “We’re bringing our customers to value faster, easier, and more securely.”

Observe.AI touts its 40-billion-parameter language model is domain-specific, fine-tuned on over 100 years of contact center data. This allows accuracy improvements of up to 45% for tasks like dead-air detection and sentiment analysis compared to generic language models. The company claims it can get large enterprise clients like Accolade, Cox Automotive, and Public Storage operational with the new generative AI capabilities within just three weeks.

“We are proud of our human-powered approach with trust and empathy at the core,” said Ardie Sameti, Senior Director of AI and Automation at Accolade. “By customizing and co-developing with the Observe.AI platform, we can analyze 100% of our interactions with members and provide real-time feedback to our Care Teams with areas for improvement. We are able to create high-quality after-call summaries using generative AI that are consistent and actionable. Our work with Observe.AI helps our Care Teams optimize their time and provide better member experiences.”

As contact centers double down on AI to drive operational efficiencies and differentiate customer service, Observe.AI’s generative AI capabilities represent the next frontier – moving beyond basic voice transcription and analytics to extracting more actionable insights that can directly improve processes and outcomes. 

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Mansi Singh
Mansi's interest centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI.
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